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another newbie

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi i have just started caring for my wife on a full time basis, I used to work as well but found i could not cope with both so the job had 2 go. It is a big change of lifestyle that takes a lot of getting used 2, after all the years of getting up at 6a.m. going into a workplace with hundreds of workmates 2 suddenly becoming what? a housewife, a companion, a carer. Dont get me wrong im not knocking it, I truely appreciate all it entails you soon realise all that is involved, Image i just feel completely lost sometimes i suppose i miss being surrounded by fellow workers and mates, you think it wont be such a big step when you start but it sure is.
Welcome to the forum Image
I know how you feel and what you mean...
Good thing is you are caring person so hope you can find a coping strategy soonish.

Take care.
welcome to the forum Rhino - you'll soon make new mates on here and all know what you're going through Image Image Image Image
Hi and welcome rhino Image
Hello & Welcome Rhino Image
welcome aboard Rhino

Hi Rhino and welcome to the forum. Image
Hi Rhino, a warm welcome to you!

I was made redundant in February at about the same time my husband's health went way downhill and he needed full time care. I too miss work for the interaction with other people. Plus all the things that used to seem important, but really are not, as they served as a useful distraction Image

Takes a while to get used to being a full time carer and figuring out what will keep you sane, but you will get there!