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Another newbie - Carers UK Forum

Another newbie

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi Everyone

I'm Sue and I look after my Mum who is 96 on Sunday. She is totally compos mentis, has a better memory and better eyesight than me but is very disabled and now pretty much housebound. She lives in the downstairs flat of our house. We have a pretty good care plan which covers all her personal care but I am responsible for everything else. I have a great husband who is very supportive as he was brought up in a disabled family, we have 3 grown-up children, our eldest son and his wife made us grandparents just before Christmas, our daughter gets married to a great guy in August and our younger son has a lovely girlfriend who we hope is permanent.

I also rant and rave at times and can get really, really angry with the "establishment" but at the moment am feeling quite calm which is why I have decided to say 'Hello' to you all now and say how much I am looking forward to getting to know at least some of you. Image Image
Hi Sue Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum Image
Hi Sue and welcome

Nobody ever rants and raves on here - yeah right Image Image You will find lots of support from people who understand you and we are occasionally completely crazy, so lots to keep you smiling and ranting all in one day Image

Hi Sue, welcome to the forum where nobody ever rants (not!) Image Image Image
Hi Sue,

Adding my welcome too.

x x
Hi Sue, you sound very cool, calm and collected ... what's the secret??

Welcome Sue from another Sue Image

Jump in anywhere and join in the fun Image
Welcome to the forum a good rant and rave at the authorities does us all good even if it achieves nothing. Image
Hi Sue,

Welcome, we never rant and rave on here!!!!! Image Image Image Nice to meet you, jump in and vent your spleen.

Karen xx
Hello Sue new member here i know what you mean about the establisment by the way i have been ranting away big time why not Image