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Another newbie - Carers UK Forum

Another newbie

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Just wanted to say hi, I have posted on one of the other threads, but figured this was the place for an intro of sorts.
I've been a career to my best friend and occasionally her child, when required, for about five years, though until recently I never actually called myself that, as to me, I never thought I did enough to earn it. To be honest it hard to put into words about myself, life is generally always stressful and hectic and if it hadn't been for her, and her support worker I guess I would never of thought about the assessment and paperwork for it.
Currently I'm on JSA but once I've worked out how much, if any financial loss I will take I will be going onto careers Allowance as I'm on the work programe and staying unpaid to a degree has already led me to one sanction and I'm not sure if I could go through a longer period of such stress.
My friend has Bi-polar, OCD and seriously unstable diabetes, whilst her child has numerous mental health problems, but the bonus for me is that I get time to spend with them and help them, and for four days each week they are with me 24/7. As for me well I was born both genders, only found that out in the last couple of years lol, so that comes with its aliments now.
Anyway just wanted to say hello and give a quick brief about me

If you qualify for Carers Allowance then there is also a chance you'll qualify for Income Support (with the Carers Premium), Council Tax Benefit and possibly Housing Benefit (if you pay rent). Additionally they'll only call you in once every 3 years to advise you of your options.

Hi and a warm welcome to the forum. Get in touch with our advice team and they should be able to help you, they're available via phone or email, details are on the main page.
Hi Nicola and welcome.

Hi Nicola, to our happy band (?!?!)
Like you, I reckon Carers allowance (CA) is far better than Jobseekers, less hassle all round. Plus of course you can earn up to £100 (or more under some circumstances) and still get CA, so it doesn't rule out a wee job, if you can find one, or some hobby job as self employed.
Hi nicola and a warm welcome from me too.
You sound a lovely caring person, your friend is lucky to have you.
Love Phoebe x
Hi thanks to all, sorry I haven't had chance to get on and reply before, been a nightmare four of five days, hopefully going to start looking at my options tomorrow, though more than likely going for careers allowance, at least apply for it, as I wont be torn between the government demands and the near constant threat of sanctions. Lol whoever said life was boring :)