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Hello Everyone - Carers UK Forum

Hello Everyone

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi, I'm Brian. I am carer for my 84yo Mum who is having a hard time coping with very advanced dementia. To make matters worse, Mum is suffering with a very heavy cold as well. If anyone would like a nice chat, I would appreciate it, but it may take me a while to learn how to use this site, so I apologise in advance for the delay replying to you.
About me. I am 54 going on 16, ha ha. I was a hospital porter/driver prior to looking after Mum 5 years ago. I am only just starting to understand Mum's problems, but as you probably know, the condition is never constant. One day can be very good, then the opposite the next day. I find it very frustrating, the not knowing what to expect from day to day, but the important and hardest part is staying calm. That is my reason for joining this site, and I hope as we get to know each other that I can contribute to bringing calm to anyone who is having a bad day. I wish you all well and will try to get here as much as possible. Good luck for today. Tomorrow is another day.
All the best,
hi brian,welcome.54 going on 16 if thats yrs most act like 16months.it breaks the stress i find anyway.lots of folk here are in the same boat.so waffle away.
Hi Brian nice to meet you and welcome to the forum Image
Welcome to the forum Brian.A great bunch of people here.

x x
Hi Brian,
you've come to the right place. Nice to see you

Hi Brian and welcome.
We all understand how you feel and are here to help and support you when we can. You'll soon get the hang of the forum and be joining in with the rest of us.

Hi Brian

Welcome to the forum - lots of us in similar situation to yourself, me included. I'm a few years older than you and my Mum is 85 with dementia and any number of other mobility related issues.

All members here very good at supporting each other - we can let off steam, bemoan our lot, laugh or cry but always know that we won't be judged wanting. So have a good look round and then jump in wherever you fancy.

welcome to the site!!!!!

i thought most men staid about 16 anyway or is it just matts mad? lol

every one is super friendly, supportive and just lovely,, as long as u r slightly mad yerself u will fit right in!
Hi Brian and welcome Image