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is anyone affected by relative with aphasia after stroke trying to communicate with son difficult but funny at times if only his mind and mine could connect Image
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Hi Muffin.

If you click on this link, there are another 7 pages of other peoples experiences/questions.You may find something that will benefit you.

http://www.stroke.org.uk/applications/d ... ia=aphasia

x x
hello muffin

welcome to the forum Image
Hi Muffin
Rosemary has given you an excellent site to link into and hopefully it should help you. When my Mum had her first stroke back in 2004, they told us she had aphasia, which is very hard to deal with. All cases are different, so I hope that the website may be able to help you. Mum lost most of her eyesight with the first stroke, so we couldn't go down the route of letting her read our questions or even her writing them down. Its a case of finding what works for you both.
Mum now has Vascular Dementia so our confusion continues, I have no idea how my Mum and I manage to communicate even now, you just get used to it I suppose. We have good and bad days. Staying calm and laughing helps, but I'm not saying that's easy to do all the time Image

Good luck and welcome to the forum, we will help you through the bad days,
Bluebird xx
Image hi bluebird thanks for advice as you say ywe can only go day by day good to talk to other people in same boat seems to be a lot more help in usa for aphasia x
Image thanks poverty issues are right up my street
Any favourite family songs?Soemtimes an aphasic person can sing, it seems to be a reflex.

Also, look at Makaton sign language. It helped my son with Downs Syndrome, and was at the time being introduced locally for people after strokes, as it was a simplifed version of sign language, and relieves the frustration all round.

Welcome to the forum.
Image thanks i will look it up all speech machines cost a fortune it is just getting the right system hope your little one is well muffin
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