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New to this! - Carers UK Forum

New to this!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.

I live with one of my best friends who suffers from anorexia, depression, borderline personality disorder and self harms. In the last 6 weeks she's attempted suicide 3 times by overdosing with paracetamol and 4 serious cuts that have required hospital treatment.

I guess I'm not technically her carer but I am functioning in that capacity increasingly and really need somewhere to talk about things and hopefully get support and advice. Hope that's ok.
Hi and welcome.

What an awful and frighteneing situation you are in.

I hope you get some help soon.
you are in the right place for support. check out the mental health forums
Adding my welcome. I would add that you are a carer. Most people who 'care' are family members but there are some like you who are not related. Your friend's mental health problems are impacting on your life and that means you are a carer.

Hope you get some benefit from hanging around on here.

Hi and welcome, you are definitely a carer. Plenty of support and advice to be found here.
Hello there and welcome to the Forum...it's a very scary position to be in! I had the same thing with my son who is paranoid schizophrenic, who luckily is recovering well now.
Please, always remember, that it is NOT your responsibility to keep her alive and safe. She is a grown adult, with problems and obviously you want to help as much as you can, but, try to get her to take responsibility for getting her own help, etc.
Please, pm me if you would like to chat over any issues x
Hello and welcome to the forum Image
Thank you for your support. It's strange how I actually feel worse now she's in hospital. Guess I must have been running on adrenaline for the last 6 weeks or so and now she's somewhere safe and I don't have to worry about her I've actually stopped and realised that it's all affected me more than I had realised.
It can affect you like that, the hitting a brick wall syndrome. x x
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My husband got BPD too. Mental illness can be managed with good support network and medication Image

Take it easy & get support for yourself too (speak to your GP & Carers Service)!

Take care.