Another nervous new member

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello. I'm Wiggle, otherwise known as Helen from Bristol. I'm carer for my Mum and Dad who have Parkinsons and Spondylosis respectively. I'm also Nana to 4 beautiful grandchildren under 4 so am kept very busy.
Hi Helen, love the username. Welcome to the forum. Plenty of friendly people here to talk to, give advice and support. The first post is always the worst. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Karen x x
Hello and welcome to the forum Image
Hello and welcome Image
Welcome Helen. Plenty seats available on the forum so grab a cuppa, make yourself comfortable and then have a good natter among new online friends Image
hi and welcome
Hi Helen and welcome to the forum - worst part is over,now sit back and enjoy making new friends Image
Hello Helen - welcome to the Forum Image See, nothing to be nervous of! lol....we give ((((((((hugs))))))) and don't bite! x
Hi Helen and welcome Image
Don't be nervous, jump right in Image
Hi Helen, I'm new too but don't worry - these guys are great!