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new to this site - Carers UK Forum

new to this site

Tell us a bit about yourself here.

I joined at the weekend but have only just been able to post my first message to say hi.

Ill be honest i don't really feel like a carer as its my 9 yr old son whom i care for but he attends full time school so find the label carer a bit strange..

He was born with flat hearing, so had very delayed speech, this was sorted with 2 sets of grommets but as he has minor heart problems he didn't get his first set until he was around 3 1/2.

He was also born with kidney problems so we was in and out of hospital for the first 4 yrs, now this has been sorted.

Because of his delayed speech, the doctors and professionals involved would not entertain the idea he had more then just global delay..well i knew different, .finally my son was diagnosed with Autism just 3 days before last Xmas.

I'm sure others are aware of the battle we go thr with schooling, and so forth..been hard but we get thr each day..be nice to get to know other carers..

I'm also a single mum..i have 2 older children who are 18 and 19..

Tracey x
Hiya Tracey and a warm welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll find it of benefit ti you.

hello and welcome
welcome aboard Tracey
Thank you for the welcomes, hope to get to know you soon Image
Roll call on carer to carer is a good place to get to know us all. Image
Hi Tracey,

I'm the proud mum of two daughters on the autistic spectrum.

You are a carer. You think about how much we do when they're at school. Caring doesn't just cover the 'hands-on' part. There's the paperwork to sort out, the house to clear up, their bedrooms to keep hygienic and tidy, researching on new aids to help them, looking at new schools (spent about 6-10mths doing that during 2009-2010), going to appointments, trying to grab some rest and me-time from sleepless/broken nights, etc. I'm sure you know the list off by heart.

Hope that doesn't sound too snappy - tired from sleepless night (caused by my cat this time) Image

Looking forward to getting to know you.

Thank you both for your replies.

No Seezie,not snappy at all.

Iv yet to meet another parent with children on the spectrum, ( apart from family members as my sister has a child on the spectrum too).

Yes i know you are right, especially when i do sit and thing about it, or sit and read thr the reports, medical history and statements, i cant believe how much we have been thr in the last few years..very difficult for "outsiders" to understand too.

Thanks for the welcomes again.
Welcome from me , look forward to your posts Image Image
Hi Tracey,

Justed wanted to say hello and welcome.

I have a 8 year old who was identified as having an hearing loss at 2 weeks old. She wasn't given hearings aids until 16 months old and unfortunately, there seemed to be a battle between the professionals and me in whether she had additional needs. She was very delayed in communication and she had very difficult behaviour. Finally she was diagnosed with autism in 2009 and has severe learning difficulties.

Once again welcome and best wishes.