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greetings to everyone, from a drained and tired carer - Carers UK Forum

greetings to everyone, from a drained and tired carer

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
hiya, Im a full time carer and single mother of four, I care for my 11yr old son who has learning difficultys , behaviour problems aswell as speach and language problems. It took nearly 4yrs to get friends, family and the school to reconise and belive me when I was crying out that something wasnt quite right with him. I faced a lot of prejuices but finally after a long battle I got him statemented. This has made him a lot happier at school and has eased the presure on me alot.

On top of this I am also a part time carer for my partner of 1yr who is partially blind,has constant magraines,kneckpain,depression, lose of memorie,/confusion and unexplained personality changes. we have just got the bad news that she has a penial cyst, which in simple terms is a cyst/growth on the brain that is growing and causing all the symptoms and more that i mentioned above. There is alot of tests being done and she'll soon be operated on which is risky as it may cause death, paralyses or/and complete blindness but we don't know what damage has been done to the brain so far.

Ive known about this forum for carerers for a while but havnt felt safe and deserving enough inside myself to join yet as im dealing with alot of guilt, resentment and anger at being a carer. Im in need of something to do, ie hobbie, volentry for me as ive lost my life and what feels like my identity but not sure where to start and confidence is low.
I would appreciate sharing and hearing from others right now.
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Hi and a warm welcome from me. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate.

Hi Marie,

You've come to the right place Image

A really warm welcome to you and looking forward to getting to know you.

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Welcome aboard Mariee. Soon you will wonder why you hesitated to join the forum. It will become a part of your daily routine to check in on here

x x
The guilt, anger, resentment and much more are things so many of us feel at being carers, so you're in the right place. Feel free to rant or have a moan if ever you need to. We all do and it helps take the edge of the emotions.
Glad to hear from you and welcome aboard Image
hello and welcome
Thankyou to everyone who ha welcomed me. I so appreciate it.x
Hello Mariee,,, I too am a newbie here and all what you say is how a lot of us feel at times. You have a lot to cope with and I take my hat off to you, I have got just my husband to care for full time and thats enough !! I think we as Carers should get more money for the jobs we have to do for our partners although we do it out of love,, if professionals had to do it , it would cost a whole lot more than £55 a week!
I certainly agree with you there corgiee! I think we deserve to be paid as much as the pofessionals do and have the responsiblity of caring shared abit just enough so that we have the time to spend the extra money looking after ourselves.x