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Hello from Ashford, Kent - Carers UK Forum

Hello from Ashford, Kent

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi - I have just joined the forums. I am a mum to three SEN kids. My eldest is 6 and has ASD and hydracephalus and then I have 5 year old twins, one of whom is blind and one of whom has speech disorder and they all have lots of labels. My eldest attends a special school, my blind son is statemented and attends a VI unit, my daughter is currently school action + but just going through the statement process to get her into a Speech and communication unit.

I chair a local charity for families of disabled children and also chair a parent carer forum for all Kent parents. In addition I offer disability awareness training for professionals to make them understand that they do this for a living whereas we live it.

Love my kids, am fine about their challenges but I really really really dislike the "system"!
Hi debs and a warm welcome to the forum.
Hello and welcome to the forum. My eldest daughter attends a special school. She has deafness and ASD and severe communiction difficulties. I know what you mean about the 'system'. Unfortunately the summer holiday scheme she attends may not run due to the funding cuts in our area.
However, she is a happy little girl who is quite a character and she can certainly tell me when she wants something!

Once again welcome.
Hi Debs and welcome.
hello and welcome
Hi Debs,

I'm the proud mother of two daughters with ASDs (Eldest, moderate autism and Youngest, Asperger's, recently has been referred for dx. for suspected PDA Syndrome (Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome)).

Oh, the system Image Get tired of fighting all the time.. it shouldn't have to be this way, should it?

Looking forward to getting to know you. Image

Just adding my welcome too.

x x