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MS carers

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Hi,my name is Alan i am a carer for my wife who has secondary progressive MS.Sadly she is wheelchair bound and can hardly move.The MS has been around for over 30 years so i have plenty of experience at trying to deal with it. It has been very difficult and stressful taking a toll on me.
I am looking to chat and share ideas with any other carers.Good luck Alan B) .
Hi Alan and welcome,

You sound like an experienced carer. Welcome to the forum. Do you manage to get some "me" time?

Hello Alan. Welcome to the forum. You will find lots of support here. I don't know much about MS but I do know the pain of a spouse with illness. You can vent any frustrations without being judged. ( I have!) X
Hi Alan
My daughter in law has MS but is still comparatively well without any obvious outward sign. Her problems include extreme fatigue, migraines and those horrible, painful pins and needles. I'm sure there are more I don't get to know about. My son is about halfway through your 30 yr journey.
I hope you and your lady have loads of help in place. And yes, as per a previous post, you do need some time to yourself to get out and do something you enjoy. Is this happening at all?
Hi Alan, welcome to the forum. Are you getting any help at all? It's vital for long term carers to look after their own health too. Are you aware of NHS Continuing Healthcare, designed for those with serious health problems. You might like to look at the relevant "checklist" and "framework". Unfortunately, it's more difficult to get in some areas than others, something of a postcode lottery, but if you qualify, you become entitled to whatever care you need, free of charge.