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am i still a carer? - Carers UK Forum

am i still a carer?

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Image hi my name is Lynda am new today, i cared for 4 months until my husband died in 2000 and my mum who died in 2006 have tried to look after my dad who had cancer and alzheimers he went into care 2 weeks ago, ive not slept properly he begs me to take him home then becomes aggressive have been told he is dying, the home where he is have a problem when he chokes and continually 999 him, today i have been advised by his doctor to write a letter for the home not to resusitate him and not to 999 him, ive gone off sick today im a community nurse am now sick of caring
Hi Lynda,

Sorry to hear things are so hard. It doesn't sound like an easy situation to be in but I hope being on this forum helps. Although I can't offer much advice or help for your circumstances, there are many people on the board with many different experiences so I hope you can find support here. As for being sick of caring, I think most of us have been there (or are there now) so we may know some of how you feel.

Welcome, Linus
....Welcome to the Forum. I'm so sorry you have had such a horrid time. You have come to the right place to let off steam and hopefully get some much needed cheering up. This is my second week here and I've learnt such a lot with the help of these great people, and my own much needed cheering. One day at a time will make such a difference to you.

Take care,

I do feel sorry for you - you have already done so much for others in your life. I think once you've been a carer, you always will be. Welcome to the forum and I hope you will keep posting, if only to have someone to talk to. Believe me, I'm not through with caring yet, but I get heartily sick of it too. I hope you will get some comfort from being on here with us all.

Hi Lynda and welcome, here you are sure of support, whether letting off steam or needing advice. Or even just a cyber ((((((((((((((((((((((((hug)))))))))))))))))))))))))
Hello Lynda - welcome to the forum..I'm only sorry that your circumstances bring you here! As has been said, the 'sick of caring' comes to us all, I'm afraid!
Sending you virtual ((((((((((hugs)))))))))))
once a carer always a carer

My thoughts r with u as u must being going through hell, huge hugs

i think u will find this forum a gr8 help to let it all out , make new online friends and at some point even have a laugh Image
Hi Lynda and welcome to the forum.

I hope you find the strength of mind to cope with your situation, it sounds so difficult to deal with.

Hello and welcome Image
Hello and welcome Image