Can't cope

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Hello everyone

My name is mehrdad I'm the carer of my wife who's suffering from SCLERODERMA.

Just wanted to talk with somebody out there thank you.

God bless all the carers
Hi Mehrdad,

Welcome to the forum.

I don't have experience of caring for someone with your wife's condition but one thing I have learnt on the forum is that regardless of our caree's needs many of the issues we face are the same.

I hope you find the forum welcoming and supportive.

Hi and welcome to the forum. Sclerodoma is a new one on me - and I have 'discovered' so many rare conditions that afflict people simply from reading this forum over the years !

How badly does it affect her life, and what care needs does it create? Will the situation deterioriate further do you fear?

Are you looking to the forum for practical guidance eg, round things like what you may be entitled to from SS etc etc, or is it more for shared companionship with other carers? If it's more the latter - ie, 'social' - then do look in on Members corner and the Chat sections, otherwise post your queries etc here either for other forum members who have 'been there and got the T-shirt' etc, or for pointing you towards the team of experts at Carers UK itself.

Hope that starts you off!

Kind regards, Jenny
Hi M, welcome to the forum. My mum had a different rare condition, and so many times I had to explain to others what it meant!
Are you yourself getting enough support, or do you feel "invisible"? It's so important, but really difficult, to keep a little bit of yor life for yourself, some "me" time.