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Another Newbie!!!! - Carers UK Forum

Another Newbie!!!!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello All
My name is Grant i'm 56 years old and a full time carer for my wife who has both physical and mental health issues. I am also a volunteer for our local foundation trust. I am a trainer with the Recovery and Wellbeing College which aims to help those of us who are suffering with mental health conditions.I was wondering does anybody else volunteer in a similar way?
HI Grant, welcome to the forum. I've never heard of the Recovery and Wellbeing College. Would you like to tell me more about it?
Hi There
The college was started i 2016, it is a college without walls. Which means that there are no classrooms or formal structure, instead, we go out into the community holding courses designed to help patients/service users on the road to recovery. Each course is consisted of two trainers, one is a clinician and the other has lived experience which can be a patient/service user past or present or, like myself a Carer. Click on the link below and it can give you a lot more information. :)
Hi Grant
I don't think we have anything quite the same down here in the south but it looks very useful- maybe similar schemes in other areas?
I enlisted for volunteering with the red cross - helping people recently out of hospital. and/or crelieving social isolation but I've got as far as enrolling, and was all signed up to do their traiing course when wallop- dad is thrown out of hospital and events have overtaken me. I hope to return to the the traiining when life permits.
http://www.redcross.org.uk/en/What-we-d ... rt-at-home
http://www.redcross.org.uk/What-we-do/H ... -isolation

Here is a link to a dorset scheme- similar but different!
https://www.livewelldorset.co.uk/conten ... ities.html
That looks fantastic. What a great idea. Do you enjoy it? I am sure you provide a wealth of knowledge and support to others.

I don't volunteer in any way related to care, but have started to volunteer at my kid's school and I love it. I find it massively beneficial to my own mental well being as it is so removed from the care of elderly parents and there is absolutely no time to dwell on my situation as it is so full on!
Hi Grant

I am trying to break into mental health volunteering. I did PDA Peer Support for Mental Health last winter at a recovery college. I need a placement to be be able complete second unit and so receive award. Looks like this finally be happening in new year with third sector partner and their rehabilitation project for offenders receiving community disposal.

In the meanwhile I am taking increasingly active role in local mental health collective advocacy group. I also hope to be volunteer with drop-in centre for people experiencing mh crises that due open in my home town later in autumn.

I have found PVG screening significant stumbling block but am hopeful that will no longer be an issue going forward.

What do your volunteering roles involve?