Help with bus cost ?

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Hiya , I'm new to this site . I'm having a bit of a problem with bus fare costs to and from my friends home for whom I care for . I have been paying out £15 a week on a bus ticket I can not afford it, does anyone know if I could get help with this ? I get carers allowance. I live in Sheffield

Many thanks
Have you had a Carers Assessment recently from Social Services? Has your friend had a Needs Assesssment from them?
Has your friend claimed Attendance Allowance (over pension age) or PIP (under pension age)?
Hiya , we have had no assessment from social services . My friend gets attendance allowance and pip and Esa . He is 55 years .
Many thanks
Maybe ask your friend to have an assessment from Social Services, then he might have a personal budget which could be used to pay you for the care you give and your bus fare.
Thank you so much for your help :D :D :D