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advice needed im new - Carers UK Forum

advice needed im new

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hello my husband has had a severe back problem which started in 2004 and since got worse i just wanted some advice regarding care allowance on dla we currently get hrm and lrc how can i get mrc i am having to help him in and out the bath now and help with his his socks trousers etc because he cannot not bend some days he is fine others he cant move or walk is it worth me asking dla for a review on the care allowance he suffers with degeneration of discs back spasms and sciatica hope someone can give me advice many thnx
hello there

firstly welcome to the forum, i am afraid i cant answer you regarding
the benefits, but i am sure someone will answer you soon,
my husband started with exactly the same systems as your husband appears
to have, but was finally diagnosed with spinal canal stenosis and
we given an epidural and has had no pain since, i was just
wondering whether the injection would apply to your husbands condition.

Hi, it could be worth getting in touch re the DLA. Tell them how is is on a bad day.
You can ask the DWP for a form to claim the middle rate care because your husband's situation has changed - the change has to have been 3 months or more ago. The number is 08457 123456 and you will need to have your husband's National Insurance details handy.

In the meantime, keep a diary of everything that happens in a day - what your husband can and cannot do for himself, as an example things like the difficulties he has washing his lower half, or dressing his lower half.

The DWP are very reluctant to pay anything above the lower care component for back problems but if you have good medical evidence you'll have a better chance.