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ADHD support

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
My 10 year old son is currently in the process of being diagnosed with ADHD (the waiting list for an official diagnosis is 2 years!)
I have no support, help or anywhere to turn to for help and advice.
The school just see him as a 'Naughty Child' to the point of him being threatened to be excluded from school due to his impulsive behaviour.
Can anyone please help with support groups in the west Yorkshire area other than CAHMS (my support worker has gone on long term sickness and no other support worker has been assigned to my sons case)
Have you seen the Children with Disabilities team of Social services yet. Ask him to be put on their Register.
The Young Minds website has a lot of info and a parent's helpline. It gets busy, needless to say.

Hope you find it useful
My son was brain damaged, left with a mental age of about 3. He's now 38. As a child he was horrendously hyperactive, he had highest Disability Living Allowance, Care and Mobility, from the age of 3. (DLA is now replaced by PIP, Personal Independence Payment).
Ask Social Services to do a Needs Assessment for him, and a Carers Assessment for you. They should be offering both of you for support.
I'd suggest you rang IPSEA, google them for info, who helped me get the non mainstream education he needed. In fact he went to a Camphill School. I didn't agree with some of their ideas, but they had a hugely calming effect on my son. It was a huge battle to get funding, but so worth it.
My son was made far worse by artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. Went from hardly sleeping at all before the diet, to sleeping up to 14 hours a night afterwards!
Alison I do t know whats avaiable in your area but just want to let you know youre not alone ..Ive been through exact thing .waited 5 yrs and my son to get referral to CAHMS and he was excluded .keep strong ..keep positive ..keep smiling ..hugs to you both
Alison, this may be the world's most 'unhelpful' suggestion, and I apologise in advance if it is completely off-radar as far as your financial situation is concerned, but here goes:

Given that the NHS waiting time for a diagnosis is SO long (er, deliberately so, I wonder? Never forget that the longer he remains undiagnosed, he is SAVING THE STATE MONEY they would have to fork out once a DX is obtained!!!!)(Grimly, a lot of us here know the 'filibustering' that both the NHS and the SS regularly practice - letters get 'lost' etc etc etc! - that all helps them defer forking out money and support for us. I won't say it's a 'deliberate policy' but sometimes it really, really feels that way!)(It's probably just chronic staff shortages and poor internal organisation, but the effect is the same....)

Anyway, given all that (and of course, folk here, plus the links offered, can help you do your best to 'bulldoze' past the myriad obstacles that WILL, grimly, be placed in front of you, sigh)(You'll need to adopt a Teflon skin, and hold the mantra 'They picked the wrong mum to mess with!' as you go into battle!)....

My suggestion boils down to this.

Can you AT ALL afford to have your son seen by the appropriate medical consultant PRIVATELY???

I know from my own experience that a private consultantion with a consultant-rank doctor costs around £150 (up to maybe £200?)

Obviously, if your son then needs things like diagnostic tests, involving other experts in ADHD etc, then costs start to mount, BUT, sometimes it is possibly, once a consultant has seen your son, seen that he does, yes, have ADHD (even pre-tests), that the consultant can 'speed up' the NHS. Remember, most of the consultants (but do check!)(their private secretary will know - see below) also work for the NHS, so they have access to both systems.

In a way, it is simply 'queue-jumping' but it sounds like the sooner your son gets his DX, then the sooner that actual help and support can arrive for you.

To find the 'right consultant' I would first simply google Bupa and BMI, and look up ADHD/paediatrics, and then start phoning to target the best consultant that is closest to you (They don't HAVE to be close - as private patients we get to pick and choose!)(sadly, the private system is what the NHS SHOULD BE LIKE!!!!!!).

Unlike the NHS, when you phone their private secretary, not only do you get through (magic!!!!!), but they will take five-ten minutes or so to TALK to you! (Also MAGIC compared with the NHS!) They have, from my own experience, always been very good at explaining the interaction between private and NHS 'hats' that their consultants wear. For example, when my SIL needed a hip replacement, the NHS queue to see the hip-surgeon was 3 months. However, she and my bro spent £175 to see him privately, and he did the X-rays etc etc, and then put her straight into the 'next queue', ie, for surgery. She got the hip replaced 3 months sooner than the NHS would have taken. (And, by the way, her going private for the first consultation meant that somenone else got HER place in the NHS queue - win win!)

However, as I say, if this is all utterly financially impossible for you, I do apologise - but sometimes it could prove the best couple of hundred pounds you've ever spent...???