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A carer for partner with mental health difficulties. After therapy and medication, it has been manageable, but recently had a relapse. In the early stages of taking medication and therapy - positive. However, is impacting my life and I am concerned about what happens next and how this will affect us both, e.g. my return to university.
Hi and welcome. I don't really have any advice for you as I haven't been in your situation, but I would say to go with your instincts, whatever you do. If it feels right, it usually is.
It would be really sad if you left uni. Do everything possible to maintain a life for yourself, which gives you true fulfilment. For various reasons, I was going to uni, but never quite made it until I was 40. I regret the lost opportunities.
Hi and welcome, early signs of resumed treatment are sounding positive. Uni is a few more months away. Think positive, studying will ultimately benefit you both. What you going to study?

Thank you to everybody for responding. It's an outlet to share and good to receive some feedback. Stressful times lead to uncertainty, so different perspectives are helpful. I do have a few months before starting uni, so I will keep a positive outlook.
Good luck, hope it all turns out OK: do keep us posted. There are times when I'm glad that my son Jordan has Down's Syndrome: at least we know where we stand: the diagnosis is devastating but then you gradually adjust and recover, and now I stand amazed at what my son can do and spend very little worrying about what he can't do. Mental health problems are a bit different, it's more of a roller coaster, but like any other carer, you have to make the best of every good day, forget the bad days, and live in hope.