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New here and needing support - Carers UK Forum

New here and needing support

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I have been looking after my husband for just over 26 yrs, he suffers from Bi Polar, he also had a heart attack 6 yrs ago and he hads a malfunctioning heart valve, which makes his medication a complex ordeal since he had to come off of one med to another. Hes unwell at the moment and in hospital [phychiatric] however we have a locum consultant who likes the sound of her own voice and likes to pull her rank and say Barrie is doing fine and looking at discharging him tomorrow, while I am opposing it. He is not well at all and his meds still need 'jiggling with.

What are my rights to say no, you must keep him there until I am fit enough to look after him?

I am 50 this coming December, I am registered disabled myself and have needs, Barrie and I care for each other. We have 2 grown children [daughter 25 and son 23] who still live with us at home and are very pro active in looking after their father and getting quite disheartened with the whole avenue of this service.

We have had more stress heaped upon us fighting the medics than the trauma of Barrie's ill health at the moment.

They sent him home on 'leave' for a week only 4 days of being in hospital!!! no asking me??? and also with a serious issue of his meds, some of them were not in the bottles, infact, some were not even there! I know mistakes can happen, but oh boy.

Anyway, my main concern is, what rights do I have to stop them discharging my husband, I don't feel I can do what they are asking me to do at home 'in the community' they are expecting me to jiggle his meds and come back each week to see how he is........I cannot do this.


Sue, this is being answered on your posting in the Mental health section


I will lock this thread so its all in the one place.

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