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Help with moving house. - Carers UK Forum

Help with moving house.

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hello, since 2009 I've been trying to get a suitable property which could house myself, my children, my partner and my disabled mum. We've viewed several properties and none have been suitable.

Luckily!! We were contacted last year about adapted bungalows being built locally which we were then offered one of. We have been given a week to move with no funds to do so.

We have applied for a budgeting loan and offered £348.00 which wouldn't cover much at all.

Is there any charities or organisations which can help with instances like this?

Thank you for reading. X
This is a bit of a long shot, but could your local housing association help you on a part buy scheme (ie they buy the rest and you pay rent on the outstanding portion)?
If you have any connection with Scouts or Guides they might be able to help. In our area there is a volunteer bureau to put volunteers and people in need in touch with each other. Or ask the housing officer to get in touch with the Rotary or Lions Club. They could be asked (without mentioning names) if they could help. There is also a Charities Digest - have a look in your library. In many areas there are tiny unpublicised charities, some really ancient, with money for local good causes. Time is obviously going to be a problem though.
Turn2us have a database of charities offering grants, you can even search by area.
Have you also tried your local social services? If you're caring for someone registered disabled or claiming attendance allowance then you could apply for a carers grant. The is a max you can get, prob £250 but it depends on each local authority.