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A new member feeling the strain - Carers UK Forum

A new member feeling the strain

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I am new to carring. My partner has just had the lower part of his leg amputated and although he has been given a lot of information I do not feel that any one is really talking to me. Also, I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so this is an added complicated. Can anyone assist me with some immediate advice for when he first comes out of hospital. I am not sure how I will cope Image Image

I dont have any advice for you but wanted to welcome you to the site, there lots of supportive people here that will be along soon.

Do you have specific questions you need answering x
I do not have a specific question at the moment but it is nice to feel I am not alone. Thanks
My dad had a really nasty accident a couple months ago and although he didnt lose his leg, he smashed it up so bad he has to where a frame, so adjustments had to be made for him for when he went home. He's Just getting used to it all.

You wont be alone now your joined here. X
hi dina wellcome to the foram i think you should ask to see the ocupational therapist and a sociel worker at the hospital and you could also look if you have a local carers center i hope this is of help and good luck Image Image
Hi Dina and a very warm welcome from me too Image

Thanks for introducing yourself. Sorry to hear of your circumstances.

As MrTurk says, you do need to ensure that you get a Social Worker involved regarding planning how things will be managed back home post discharge. Most large hospitals should have Social Workers on site. If not you should make contact via your local council. Social Services is usually known as Adult Services these days. It should be the case that ward staff make a referral to Social Services / Adult Services, but this cannot be relied upon. As I say, the Social Worker will speak to all concerned to consider plans back home, including what support you can reasonably offer and options to get other help at home. This is an important step to take and you dont want everyone to somehow assume you can just cope alone. Have you given any thought to how best things might work after he returns home ? Is it pretty clear what your partner will be needing help with ?

No doubt you will have plenty of other questions in the days to come. The emotional side of caring is often more difficult to 'manage' than the practical stuff. Feel free to ask questions or share your concerns with us here. We are a friendly lot and always ready to listen and help one another if we can. And if you have a specific question you can always go to the General Discussion section here and click on 'new topic' to start a new discussion / question.

All good wishes, Dina.

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Hi Dina welcome. you will get used to it, i'm not saying its going to be easy, but we are all here for you, it will be a rolla coaster of emotions, but slowly he will get used to it, i have pernicious anaemia, and i get tired very easily, i find, don't worry to much about house work try and make a list of what needs doing and only do micro cleans as i call it say the bathroom, one day just do the sink next time do the bath don't do it all, and sleep when your partner sleeps and make sure you have good meals i have a take away one day a week save washing up, when mums really bad i get the ready done veg and pots that you get from the supermarket, just shove in the microwave, and a few slices of cold meat. and alot of love, hope this helps abit, and as i say its good to talk, please tells us how you are both doing.
I do not have a specific question at the moment but it is nice to feel I am not alone. Thanks
When you do, just ask, someone will know Image
And welcome Image Image
Hi Dina,
Welcome to the forum, nice to have you with us.
Take care
Minnie Image
Hi and welcome.I don`t have anything to add to the above other than i hope you find the Forium useful and fun. Image Image Image