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A miserable day - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

A miserable day

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Thank you. Sorry for late reply it’s been a busy few days . I’m feeling better now.
I think actually saying to dad how I feel helped . He’s been better .
I’ve also been more direct . Etc , I need your shirt , cloths to wash today with mine . Save the electricity otherwise the machine will be used twice . The dryer is a condenser .
As far as rent . Dad does pay all the bills electricity, gas , etc .i have to sort his finances and make sure the things are paid . Dad would just be to confused.

I buy half of the food I actually asked him for more money towards the shopping today. It came to more as I was getting extra bits for Xmas in .
I’ve also shown dad the bills this week . He really doesn’t get how much food costs these days .

I think once we’ve had the vaccination it will help too. I can try to get him out for some meals . Sitting in the four walls really doesn’t help. He’s got his scooter and he can get a little ride (with me following to check he’s safe ). But it’s not the same.

A friend also has kindly offered to pop on , she’s a bit like me and looks after her mom . Not come into the house , just knock the door and talk to dad I’ll do the same for her mom when she goes out for a few hours break. Once we are all vaccinated pop in for a chat and cup of tea.
Not sure about you lot , but I really feel we have been totally forgotten with covid , not one call , not one pack of gloves .
Thanks again everyone . Xx
I think unpaid carers have been completely forgotten about.
A friend in the 70's has had her daughter with learning difficulties, who had her own place) home for 10 months without a break. She doesn't even qualify for Carers Allowance as she is a pensioner!
I am so sorry to hear you are going through such a tough time, I can totally relate although I know at times like these it can feel so unbelievably lonely, like nobody understands, but they do, and your not alone. My mother in law sounds very similar to your Dad, I did some research and think it could possibly be Diogenes syndrome (DS)( is a behavioural disorder characterized by domestic filth, or squalor, extreme self-neglect, hoarding, and lack of shame regarding one's living condition ) brought on by past traumas and grief. Take a look, it made me understand her better.
Sending positive vibes your way.
I've never heard that term before, but can certainly think of several people I have known who fit the description perfectly!