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1. Read the rules.
We find a few ground rules helps keep the forum as a nice safe place to be.

2. It's a good idea not to use your real name for confidentiality reasons -
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Simply click the NEW TOPIC button and tell us who you are, who you care for, where you live and anything else you might care to share.

What to title your post
You can name your name anything you like. Most people go for "Hi I'm new" or "Newbie". That's OK but it helps to give it a title to reflect what's in it - for example "Looking after my Gran" "At my wit's end" "Advice please on care homes". You might also find that one of Moderators might retitle your post to help people find it more easily.

Personal information
When posting messages on the internet, especially in a friendly environment like Carers UK, it is sometimes tempting to post personal information.

Please remember that the Carers UK board is open to any internet user and it is good advice to think very carefully about how someone else might make use of your information. It is easy for someone with criminal intentions to use personal information to obtain passwords, home addresses, etc., and the moderators and administrators will delete any personal information like telephone numbers, etc., to protect your anonymity.

If in doubt, leave it out!

What is Carers UK?
Carers UK is an organisation that was set up by carers to help and support other carers. It is run by a Board of Trustees the majority of whom must be carers. The trustees are elected by the membership. Anyone can become a member of Carers UK. Membership is free, although if you can afford to pay something it does help us. We fight for equality for carers. We want carers to have the same right as everyone else to an ordinary life & a fair level of income, adequate support to protect their health and well being and access to the world of work, leisure and education

How does Carers UK help carers?

Carers UK runs an online forum for carers. You're in it right now!!
Carers UK runs a free adviceline for carers more...
Carers UK provides free online information for carers more...
Carers UK provides back up and support to carer campaigners more...
Carers UK runs campaigns to improve things for carers more...
Carers UK has dedicated offices in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

If you're new to caring read our 'Quick guide to caring' with all the basics you’ll need to know when you first start caring http://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice ... -to-caring

If you have any questions about the forum please send a Private message or email.

PM ]Matt.Hill@carersuk.org[/url]