A change of life in one call

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
:o where to start I don't know ???!
Well earlier last week had a phone call from my disabled sister saying that her daughter left her and no one is there to look after her ...
This phone Conversation has changed my life upside down. Didn't think a second I told her I'm coming don't worry as any human been will do.
Apparently forgot I live in Aylesbury , pregnant in the final semester and have nearly 3 yrs toddler . Guess what she lives in North west London.
I made the journey stayed there over Christmas holiday but now I have to go back ...I'm the only carer now ; ((
The travel is so expensive , the lil one on the train is a nightmare, pregnancy only is an issue without adding something to it';'

One thing worth mentioning is I'm very proud of my self didn't let my sister down and that makes me happy I mean so happy. Hope the local authority will appreciate that fact and relocate me back to London so my happiness will last for longer ....
Caring is amazing u should all b proud of ourselves in this forum,.
Happy new year every one xx
You are sleepwalking to disaster!!! Don't make a long term commitment, because you unborn child and your own health MUST come first. Yes, help your sister to get new carers, by getting in touch with Social Services and asking for an URGENT Needs Assessment and a Carers Assessment for yourself. You should not be travelling, but putting your feet up, resting, and waiting to meet your new baby.
Can I ask what is wrong with your sister that she needs care?