I've become a former carer.....

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
My husband's funeral ended up with over 200 people attending, the kindness those friends showed to me and my sons that day will forever be with me.
He was the quietest of men, but people came to Southampton from as far away as Cornwall and Newcastle to support us.
My sister in law told me later that she thought all these people must be waiting for another funeral, not her brother's!
It really doesn't matter if it's a big or small funeral (mum's was family only, as she had wished) it's just doing what feels right for you that matters.
Jill had five brothers, but two are now dead. The other three will be there and all the rest of the family bar the Daventry lot who work for companies that make them book holidays a year in advance plus one is too old to travel.
There are lots of friends who want to come too.
We have catered for 40 at the remembrance do at the yacht club and will only have to pay for 35 as its Wendy's friend.
They are coming from as far away as Leeds and Tyne Side and Coventry where I was born.
I hope it all goes off splendidly! Even more, I hope Jill enjoys it too - I have never yet been to a funeral where I did not 'feel the presence' of the person we were 'sending off' and whose life we were celebrating.....
Jenny it was amazing and a perfect send off for my lovely Jill. :) Incredibly sad but somehow perfect. Even the vicar Annie shed a tear bless her.
I really did feel that Jill was with us all in spirit as well as her body.
Pete, that's wonderful! And I'm sure Jill was up there relaxing back on a pink fluffy cloud, enjoying the show. :) :) :)
:D :D :D :lol: :lol: xx
Jenny, so sorry for your loss. Not visited tbis part of the forum until my Mothers recent death.

You have given such wonderfully heart felt and down to earth advice to myself and others. Glad you are going to still be posting.

Best wishes. Jaqui x