Care Home Fees

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
My mum died a few weeks before Christmas. She sent her card to me early. I've always thought that was a 'sign'.....

Pet, I know where you are coming from. Xmas cards are a real ordeal now for me - signing only my own name still 'hurts' because it rams it home to me that I'm not half a of a couple any more. I've got used to it now, but in the first few years after my husband's death it was just ghastly.

I think Christmas is a grim time for all of us when we have 'bad,sad stuff' going on in our lives....there's no way of 'blanking it out', and I find that a real ordeal, that we are 'forced' to 'do Christmas'.....
I've found an old Christmas card from Mum with a lovely message and I'm going to display it again this year, along with all the 'bling' I haven't bothered with for the last few years.
bowlingbun wrote:Definitely find your copy of the contract, or if you don't have it, ask them for a copy of the one you or mum signed. If it is not a signed contract, you don't have to pay. If it is signed, you do. Very clear cut. If they don't accept this, talk to a solicitor and also raise it with CQC.
legally part true as if your paying it can be taken as you accept agreement of the terms. even so it does seem steep (this was proven on ITV Judge Rinder)