xmas without absent friends and partners!

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
happy xmas to all bereaved carers,
the day is just starting,
i'm waiting for daylight before opening my pressies
partly with the excuse that i have a cold but partly by choice i have the option to spend today in smiley peace and quiet if i choose too!
wishing you all the best at what can be a difficult time,
warm bear hugs as and when needed!
love and respect
in loving memory of mr bigbear and all others no longer with us!
bigbear xxx ;) :)
Sending special ((((hugs))))) to a special lady today :)

With best wishes for a peaceful Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year
Sending ((hugs)) too x
Yes, Christmas is hard when we miss those special, special people..... but it's also full of memories, some joyful, some very poignant.

I just hope they're all celebrating 'somewhere' in their own way! :) (And raising a glass to us, just as we raise a glass to them.)
what a lovely thought dear jenny!
love bigbear x
Cuddles to all of them and let's look forward to the new year.
yep! ;) :)
Been trying to fill my time but memories of Mum, Dad and my big sister aren't far away. Happy times now carried in my mind and heart.
happy memories.....big bigbear smile :)
they make me happy in the here and now...