Caring ended/now have ms

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
After 6 years caring for my my mother,she passed away on new years eve,she had dementia and parkinsons,in the past 6 months i was diagnosed with ms,ms leaves me very weak,so me returning to work would be very hard,has anyone any advice for me,it would be gratefully accepted
Oh Micheal, (((((((hugs))))))
What a double whammy - dealing with the death of your loved one and dealing with the diagnosis of MS. :( May I start by saying how well you have done looking after your mum up until her passing - and all whilst unwell yourself.

Something like this has lots of different sides. To begin with you need only deal with the essentials - organise the funeral (did she have a funeral plan?) and sort out accommodation and essential income.

I do hope that you have sorted out your accommodation so that it becomes in your name, if it isnt already. If there are problems contact Citizens advice and/or Shelter as soon as.
If you are claiming Carers Allowance this should continue for 8 weeks after death. I would contact CarersUK to ask about claiming benefits in your own right, but I would guess that ESA and PiP are involved. The help-line is likely to be very busy when it opens on Monday, so you might be better off emailing them.

Be gentle with yourself at this time and dont expect too much of yourself. Just concentrate on essentials and things you have to do now - see my sig!
As others have said, be kind to yourself and take as much rest as you possibly can, and make sure you eat properly. This is especially important with your new diagnosis of MS. Hopefully, now your caring responsibility gone, your own health will improve significantly. I'm sure others will be along with lots of good advice on how to deal with the benefits system.