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When The Caring Ceases : Some Thoughts As To What To Expect - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

When The Caring Ceases : Some Thoughts As To What To Expect

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
I think it's important to say, in case someone else is browsing the forum and starting to worry: "don't panic"! Do what Chris is doing and get a proper forecast. All the advice sites say that it is impossible to calculate yourself.

Just to give a more optimistic perspective: DH was in a contracted out scheme all his working life. He retired early and received a work pension. He then reached state pension age after the new scheme came in. He did not get the full 'headline rate' but he did get some state pension, based on the number of years he had paid NI with a reduction to reflect the fact that under the old scheme he was not entitled to the earnings-based additional state pension.

Obviously, that won't apply to everyone so as everybody above has advised: get a proper forecast.

Chris, the work you do on signposting useful stuff is amazing, thank you. I do hope you will find a glimmer of hope.
Thanks Crispy ... just finished a phone call with the Pensions Unit ... shame it wasn't Camelot but ... any sizeable " Lottery " win is to be appreciated !

All due to my deductions being wrong , mine and mine alone.

I may live in a large , converted house called " Sherlock Homes " but , I am sure , the Master is now " 'Aving a good laugh " at my expense ... and supping a large single malt !

Still , no harm done except to my ego and I can live with that. A double whammy if anything positive comes out of the forthcoming Carers Strategy ... now , that would really hurt my ego !!!

For the sake of the carer army , I hope that my preditions are proved wrong !!!!

I can only thank those who have read this thread , and for picking up my , now erroneous , deductions on eligibility for the State Pension !

Somewhat weird ... on the one hand , officially becoming a Pensioner ( Aka Miserable Old Git ? ) ... on the other , financial salvation complete with a Twirly / Twirlie Card !

My brother now sends me a daily email ... just checking how you are ... Age Uk recommends keeping an eye on elderly relatives ... the *** censored *** !!!

I only wish more of the pioneers from a decade ago could resurface , and add " A little flavouring " to the REAL issues effecting almost everyone inhabiting Carerland in 2018 !
Having chatted with Chris via pm, I'm sure he would not mind me saying it all seems to be down to one word! His 'contracted out' work pension means he's not eligible for the Second State pension but we think he is eligible for the State pension. The difference made by that one little extra word is very easy to miss, especially if one is burdened with the woes of caring.
Just an example of how caring for others, and Chris cares enough to keep us all informed of issues that may affect us as well, can detract from our own well-being. :roll:

I'm cross I missed it in his earlier posts, but luckily no harm done. Can all be back dated. :D
I can now publically thank Mrs.A for her recommendations to challenge my own deductions.

Suffice to say , life will be a little different for me in the months , and hopefully , years ahead.

Broke one of the golden rules in Carerland ... take nothing for granted ... and paid a temporary price.

New mindset now required ... stage 2 of readjustment for a former carer ... the purgatory period now over ?

Whilst I can now relax a lot more , what of the low millions of our fellow carers sinking further into the mire ?
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