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When The Caring Ceases : Some Thoughts As To What To Expect - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

When The Caring Ceases : Some Thoughts As To What To Expect

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Now 2 and a bit months into my " State pension. "

In essence , and as suspected , boost to my existing private pension on my 65th. birthday , nothing in the way of a " State " pension ... very similar to the dreaded " Overlapping Benefit Rule " but , in this case , pensions !

Private pension ... contracted out ... commitment to match if not better the State Pension ... and my former employers have done just that.

Suffice to say , a rise of close on 30% ... even a little bit of income tax payable ... still need a few years' worth at the new rate to get back to some financial stability as achieved some ... 20 years ago ... when I became a carer ... and my world disappeared for a decade , with close on another ten years mopping up the aftermath.
Chris, I'm sure Mrs A is right and when you are 66 you will get your State Pension as well, no matter what sort of private pension you have or how many!! Hope you have a nice surprise next year.
All the paperwork from the State Pension Unit received in January ... ahead of my 65th. birthday ... reads as I pointed out in my last posting.

Any element would only have kicked in IF my employer had failed to match the State Pension.

Said schemes , now closed , were run by ALL the major financial institutions in the past ... my employers being their 1964 scheme ... linked to 2/3 rds. of final salary ... years worked element ... mine as at January 1991 ... said salary slip still almost double the level of income I have now coming in !

1964 ... the Actuaries behind these pension schemes ... working on assumptions of the future at that time ... shame that what they projected could replace the current state of affairs ... all welcomed beyond anticipated life expectancy ?

Those certainly were ... the days !
http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/pens ... nsion.html

Chris, I work in payroll and pensions and have never heard of anyone not getting the state pension (unless they have not paid sufficient NI or had NI credits). Sometimes it is reduced a little because some schemes 'contracted out'of SERPS aka Second State Pension and that pays out extra with the company pension which is counteracted by a small deduction from the state pension

When do you reach state retirement age?
15 February 2018 ... on reaching 65.

Even in possession of a " Twirly / Twirlie " card from my LA !

Only one employer , contracted out the whole time.

Add on 10 years worth of NI through the CA scheme , and a minimum of 30 years worth accumulated ... for what that's worth with all the recent changes ?

Reread the paperwork received from HM Revenue & Customs ... still points to situation already outlined.

I will investigate a little further ... already registered on the Pension Checker site.
I agree with Mrs A, you might get a reduction in your State Pension for contracting out, but you should get something for your NI contributions, I hope you can sort it out.
In course , ladies ... I have a slight premonition that I won't live this one down if my assumptions have been false !

Is that a keg of Adnams Broadside I see before me ... perhaps ... although the name thereon is not mine !

Sod's Law ... try to cure carers problems and lose sight of my own concerns ?

Talking of sight , first eye test in ... 37 years ... today ... I thought I was being tested to replace someone on the space station ... or had something added to my coffee to bring on all those psychedelic lights ... !

Strange look from the optician when I asked for some Grateful Dead / Jefferson Airplane to go with the light show !

ENOUGH ... back to the thread !
If it works out I think we are due something more ladylike than a keg of Adnams!!! :D
How about XX gallons worth in 'alf pint glasses ... more " Ladylike ? "

I think if you got some positive outcome would be worth it alone, it would be very ironic wouldn't it!!! Maybe like the cobbler's children, sort of.