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Protected tenancy help, please - Carers UK Forum

Protected tenancy help, please

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Hi there,

I just posted an intro to the Newbie thread, but thought I should maybe post this here too?

With my Mum going into a nursing home within the next couple of weeks, my older brother and I now face being made homeless. Council housing are not interested. My parents had a protected tenancy and have been in the house since 1962. Both their names were on the rent book, and when my Dad died in 2007 Dads name was removed from the rent book. There should be something called succession of tenancy for those who have lived in the house for over 2 years, however when we called Shelter, we were told that the removal of my dads name from the rent book counted as the succession. We are very much hoping that they are wrong about this.

Any help would be gratefully received

We were faced with similar threat from HA my parents had rented from. OH and I got council tenancy of our own and dad went into sheltered housing after mum died. Dad did try to get my name on the tenancy agreement with him, but they refused.

Surely if the HA were still getting the rent paid it wouldn`t matter if tenancy passed to you jointly with your brother. May be worth looking into before your mum moves out.

Take care

Thank you for your reply, I missed out some info here that I put in my intro post, and that is that we are with a private landlord, not a HA or the council.

To the best of my knowledge protected tenancies became regulated tenancies and two successions are permitted on the death of a previous tenant, it is different in your case because no death has occured but my husband was able to take over his mother's tenancy which had passed from his father in similar circumstances to yours, this might be useful, page 16 relates to rights to succession:

http://www.communities.gov.uk/documents ... 138295.pdf