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The profound affect of caring - Page 8 - Carers UK Forum

The profound affect of caring

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
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Nice to see you all posting

Take care
Get in touch with your local volunteer Carers agency or Carers UK itself has a telephone help line.It often helps to talk. Also, just try and keep to a strict routine of doing things-I will do this for 10 mins,15mins etc and eat regularly even if you don't want to. It does ease with time, but that isn't much help at the moment.
CRUSE also is useful-not just for widows!
All Best Wishes,
Bridget Leech exCarer
Hello all,
I've been hibernating ! hope you are all doing ok. This weather doesn't help, we're in the 'vale of York' that missed the sunshine this week, not seen a ray of sunshine all week, fog, fog, fog, rain, rain, fog Image Image Image Image Image
love to you all xxx
Hi Lell, this winter seems to be going on forever. This time last year the weather was lovely but then the summer was rubbish, so hopefully we are going to get the seasons in the right order this year. I looked at the 10 day forecast for my area, almost wished I hadn't. SNOW is forecast for Monday, and I live on the South Coast overlooking the Isle of Wight!!!!
Still here. Not good, but alive xxx
Good to hear from you Cherish.

Weather here is foul also, I had to get in the bath as soon as I got in today because i was so cold and wet Image
It's good to have more light and the clocks go forward soon, but really missing that sunshine.
Sorry you're not feeling good Cherish, hope tomorrow is better. Take care of yourself.
Lesley xx
sorry didn't post yesterday, I was thinking of you cherish and solange and all the others missing their mums.
13 years for me, still hurts, and more so now dad's gone, feels like the last link lost, which is sad as I have a sister but she doesn't feel the same. I remember how bad the first year was, so thinking of you cherish. Lesley xxxxx
Hi everyone,
hope you are all well xx
79 posts