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The profound affect of caring - Page 7 - Carers UK Forum

The profound affect of caring

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
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Hi Joy,
glad you have seen the psychiatrist and he understood what you are feeling.
It makes me very sad because you are such a good person with so much worth. I can't pretend to know just how you feel though because I'm not in your shoes. I hope the psychiatrist can help you, it makes sense that you need some consistency and not the 'crisis team' approach. Actually, that's probably what most people need. I can also see why they don't suggest therapy now because it's not the right time for you. Will you see the psych again soon?
You said during the role play on your course that you felt emotionally connected with the person you were working with, does that give you anything positive to affect your thinking now?
Lesley xxx
Hi cherish, how are you doing? Hope you are ok.
Lesley xxx
Hi everyone,
just wanting to celebrate because the vet's been to give Rosie (my labrador) a check up and she's passed her MOT - so relieved Image Image Image She's 13 and has diabetes, which has made her blind, and also has arthritis (she's on tramadol, same as me Image ).
I've been dreading the vet saying 'well, I think it's time ......' so very happy that she's ok for the moment.
How is everyone? Solange, haven't heard from you for a while, hope you are doing ok. Cherish - hope you are ok, will you post just to let me know everything's alright?
Booksey, hope you feel better today. It's one of the hardest things to start something new and not be able to come home and talk to your OH about it.
bowlingbun - hope you had/are having a good birthday !
take care all of you xxxxx
Hi Lell

I'm okay I treated myself to a lie in this morning as DD was at my mums. Shes there again tonight as I have to be at work for 8.30 and she didn't want to get up that early on a weekend Image

Glad your dog is doing okay. My dog is nearly 8 so a youngster really but my cat is 14 but seems in good health at the moment.

Hope everyone else is okay
Hi everyone - sorry I haven't been around but the computer was down - boo, hiss. So useful when they work and a total pain when they crash - swearing at the screen doesn't help either.
Cherish - please keep going -it's hard I know but the day will come when life will be worthwhile again - you are such a good person. The way you connected at that course shows you have so much to give - and to receive! Are there other ways you could get involved on a gentle social basis? You sound so lonely - any local coffee mornings or charity sales at a local hall? Maybe something like that would help you connect again. Had any more thoughts about a cat? - I talk to Bella a lot at night and it does help to get things out. She's non judgemental too! I found people quite difficult after Mum died - all my old shyness returned but I'm getting there slowly. The house is up for sale at the moment and I ended up showing one lot round and surprised myself by chatting and laughing! Kept me going for the rest of the day.
So glad to hear about your labrador Lesley - pets are worrying when their sick but vets are mainly such kind people that sometimes I wish I could see them instead of the doctor when I'm ill. We have an aged husky here who is about 15 - rescue dog so her age was estimated when my sister adopted her. She's a darling and keeps going quite well but a bit creaky now. I think the cold is getting to all our old bones - roll on spring!
Love and hugs - Solange
I'm so sorry - I didn't get notifications that there had been any posts.

Lesley- I tried to answer your PM but not sure if I did it right. Did you get it? I've just sent it.

Difficult session with the psych today. Don't know how I feel yet. Was very upset. I think they were a bit scared about this evening and what might happen but I think I just need to rest and try to make sense of things in my head tonight. I feel a bit shocked. We were talking about traumatic things.

Love Joy xxx
Cherish glad to here from you

Hope you manage to get some rest
Hi Joy,
didn't get your message, not to worry. They always disappear on me too.
Glad you've started working with the psych, although it is so painful. Hope you are able to get some rest tonight.
Lesley xxx

Tough day. Beautiful sunshine - very poignant.

Joy xxx
Hello Joy,
thanks for your message, sent you one too.
We missed out on the sunshine today, cold fog all day. I've got GP appt. tomorrow, starting to feel better, bit more like me, so must be down to new meds. Feel I should be able to do it without, but I was not coping so if the meds give me a better chance I'll go with it.
Lesley xxx
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