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Follow up after a relative has died in a care home. - Carers UK Forum

Follow up after a relative has died in a care home.

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
My mother and wife passed away in a hospice and about a week later in both cases we were contacted by a bereavement councillor who visited us basically to see everything was ok and they did recommend a few things like support groups.
Except for friends or relatives the only contact I have had in connection with my father's death is with the Social Worker who I happened to meet again in the hospital while taking a neighbour to A & E who just went on that I should pay for the 7 weeks my Dad had in care as the NHS is short of money and she just pointed out the value of the house would cover it many times over.
I also had an e mail from the care homes saying they have got a social evening soon for relatives and relatives of former residents. There is a small charge but I don't think the home will make a lot of profit out of it.
Unfortunately I can not go as I will be away with friends. As it happens this was arranged prior to Dad's death.
In my case I have got plenty of friends and relatives and Dad had the same at the time of Mum's death. He went along to the support group a few times but because of family commitments he did not have time to get involved.
What I am wondering is have I somehow fallen through the net or is official follow up support only given to a husband / wife. I lived with Dad for 9 years mainly as a result of early retirement and being widowed.
Really I am unlikely to use any official follow up but I am concerned for others who may need it.

So far as I know, outside hospices, there is no 'official' follow-up to any death. My father died nearly a year ago now, and while certain relatives, neighbours and professionals rallied round for a while, there did not seem to be any organisation behind any of it.
Hi Brian

The only follow up I heard of regarding a death in a care home was a group the care home ran itself for bereaved relatives.
I am not sure of how it was owned but it was one of 5 care homes in the group.
Somebody did do a follow up and invited the bereaved relatives to the support / social group about 4 / 5 weeks after the death so if the home runs such a group they may not be due to come yet.
I cant imagine a group being organised if it is the sole care home.
Why not phone and ask?.

Hi Sonja

I have just answered your question on Carers right to stay in a jointly owned home.
I took your advice and called the care home and there are 8 homes within the group but the nearest 1 is 50 miles away.
The receptionist has said she will check with the owner but I don't think there is likely to be a local support group.