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So what happens now? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

So what happens now?

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
So sorry for your loss.xx
Can't add anything to the advice you've already had.
So sorry for your loss.
Carers Allowance IS payable for 8 weeks after, cos mine continues up till the end of December. I was confused about it as well, cos they continued paying after I told them about hubby. So, J79, do tell them about your mum, but at the same time payments should continue.
I am doing one thing at a time. If you don't get down and tackle the bills and phone calls and banking stuff, then it'll all mount up on you and then you'll get in a real muddle and mess. I find it easier (and takes my mind off things, cos it's still only been a month) to attack things now, whilst I'm thinkig about them. It seems to be taking me a long time, but I'd rather do it now, than have everything pile up.
Thinking of you, cos it's really hard right now, I know. xxxx
Thanks for the replies,

Have called the DWP today and informed them. Still need to do gas, electricity, house insurance etc.

They have stopped my careers allowance as my mum was in hospital for three weeks before she passed, so no run on for 8 weeks. As I've no entitlement.

I've a total of £17 to my name to run a house and feed myself and 4 pets. But apparently their hands are tied. I now have to claim JSA which can take weeks.

Thank you for posting the berivement line number, saved me going up, something I was dreading.
Ah, didn't realise that your carers allowance was stopped for that reason, sorry.
Just take things slowly and don't get into a panic, that's all. It's early days for a lot of us on here.
I spoke to the carers allowance department and they told me to contact income support. I did so and was told their hands were tied because the carers allowance department has listed my allowance as suspended and not ended, so I can't claim anything else until they decide to change it to 'ended', called them back and they said whilst it's extremely unlikely they will give me the 8 week run on, they will review it, so I can't do a damn thing until they decide its either ended or I'm entitled to the 8 week run on, which can take up to 4 weeks apparently.

I have no time to get my own self and finances in order, I can't pay my bills, credit card etc.

I really don't have the energy to deal with all this, not right now. I'm barely getting myself out of bed.
I am appalled that this is happening. I really dont know what to suggest and feel lost for words. Im posting to let you know you are not alone and sending virtual ((((((hugs))))))
I suggest you ring the CA unit again, say that you wish to make a "formal complaint". These are magic words as far as DWP concerned. If that doesn't work, contact your MP (just google "Contact your MP" and you'll find there's a quick system to do this. If the MP contacts DWP it usually sorts things immediately. (My best friend works for DWP, this is based on what she has told me). Hope that works for you.

I have no suggestions either other than contacting the carers helpline or CAB. Just deal with what you can each day. When my hubby died I found it easier to deal with a lot of phoning and offical stuff on one day then leave it for a few days. My mum found it easier to do one thing each day.
Grief is tiring and all consuming please try and take care of yourself, eat if only some toast or something light. I found getting out of the house if only for a walk round the block helpful.

Thinking of you
Sorry for the delay in replying.

I have a sick note from the doctor and have applied for employment support allowance.

Carers allowance hasn't been paid since the 3rd, income support the 5th. Called today and my claim wont be looked at till January 5th.

I'm trying to make an appointment with CAB but it's hard. Will be calling again in a few mins, so hopefully will get one sorted.

Going to call, BT and anything else not essential today and get it cut off/closed etc. Thankfully a family member has helped me with pet food for the month, but feck knows what I'll be eating lol.