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my mum has just past away - Carers UK Forum

my mum has just past away

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
please can anyone help, i was a full time live in career for my mum for over ten years, i received carers allowance and some income support. what do i do now, i dont no what to do finacally, i have no savings, i devoted my life to look after my mum. please can any one give me any advice.
I think you need to put in a claim for JSA, not straight away because your caree as passed away i think you get 4 weeks of income support, then u put in a claim for JSA, but let me say sorry for your loss.
You need to tell the benefit office about you mums passing, someone with more up on benefits will come along shortly.

I'm sorry your mum has died, there is a lot of things to sort out and it can be quite confusing.
Your carers allowance should continue for a number of weeks (8 I think). Ring up the carers allowance dept and notify them they will tell you exactly. I don't know if the links below will help.
There was a thread on what to do when someone dies but I can't find it at the moment.

I'm so sorry to hear about your mum. It will take some time to adjust to a very different way of life, but just take it one day at a time. We have a section here for carers who have lost their caree, to help each other.
Hi Kate,
I am so sorry for your loss. You are probably in deep shock right now, have you thought about visiting your doctor and may be some counseling?

On a practical level, your carers allowance will continue for 8 weeks, and you should phone the dwp to tell them what has happened, also tell them about your financial situation. They will do a "benefit check" over the phone for you, and tell you what you are entitled to, you will probably also get help with the council tax as well. They will also sort that out over the phone for you.
Good luck, and take care of yourself.
Love Phoebe x
Hello Kate,
I'm so sorry that your mum has died. It's a terribly hard time for anyone but being her carer you will have a huge adjustment to make. As Phoebe said, contact DWP - they are usually helpful immediately after a bereavement. Also important to see your doctor. I found the Citizen's Advice Bureau (CAB) very helpful, they can help you with benefits, finances and putting you in touch with support.
I hope you have supportive people around you, but I know that often we become isolated after looking after someone for so long. Use this forum for support if you need to - in the Former Carers section you'll find a lot of people who understand what you are going through and can give you practical and emotional support. Take your time, it's very early days for you so don't expect too much of yourself.
Very best wishes,
Lesley xx
Going thru the rigmarole myself - but not able to help much. Might I add if you need to pay for the funeral - ask for a SF200 at the job center. I was advised that those of us on income support may be eligible for some help with that expense at least. I was informed carers would go on for up to 8 weeks - but as Dad was in hospital 2 weeks this year, i am thinking I will probably only have 6, myself. Bit late now, but it is possible to email the DWP to notify them/ask questions.