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shock has worn off - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

shock has worn off

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Hey Phoebe, Of course the shock has worn off, it doesn't stay around forever and things will get easier.
I talk to Mark loads and ask him what he thinks about stuff and what to do about things. I just picture him going round all the Essex lanes on his motorbike again and thoroughly enjoying himself. Our loved ones are still in our hearts and minds, always will be, so don't think you have to 'do' anything about the fact that you are talking to your hubby. Why shouldn't you?
Take care of yourself and don't worry so much, you will be fine, you really will.
Love and hugs
nanananaFran xxxx
Although experienced grief many a time, not that of a partner. However, I wanted to add a note to say you are in my thoughts.

All of you posting here about loss of partners are.

x x
I agree with Nana - nothing wrong with talking to our husbands! I go into my husband's study every day, sit in his chair by his desk, and have a 'little chat' (his ashes are on the bookshelf behind, so I feel he's pretty close.)

He never says much back, mind you - but then he was a taciturn Scotsman and words cost sixpence each in his book! Image

I hope things are getting a tiny, tiny bit easier, with each passing day.....

Kind regards, Jenny

(With spring coming, that can be both 'uplifting', I find, and 'saddening' - the latter because the world seems to be bursting with life again after winter, yet the person we love so much has no more springs in this world....I hope it can be 'Spring' again 'somewhere else' for them, though.)
Nana, Rosemary and Jenny, thank you, your words as usual are comforting to me.
I often go into Hubs' shed to talk to him,
I too, find spring both happy and sad. All the bulbs are now coming up and flowering, and they are bulbs that we planted together.
sat in the garden today and felt that he was with me.

((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))) to you all
Phoebe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Now that I've moved, I've taken some of hubby's favourite plants with me and will plant them in my new garden. Like the snowdrops I took down to Essex last year. So I will have a little piece of his favourites with me.
Nana, that's really lovely. I got a bit depressed about the garden because it upset me to do it on my own, and it got a bit overgrown which made me feel guilty. But a friend who is a gardener has come round to help and it looks great now and I can keep on top of it
love Phoebe xxxxx
Hi Phoebe,
How are you today?
dear phoebe,
only just picked up on this thread!
(((((big bigbear hugs))))) :)

its 15months since mr bb died,
think what i miss most is having someone who loves and cares about me around 24/7
i've had bigbearflu this week
and finding it hard to be on my own, :roll:
thinking of you darling
love and hugs,
big bear x :)