safeguarding enquiry

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
hi, When my mother went into a home in Wickford , there were area's of concern as witnessed by myself and my friend.

Anyway things have improved to a degree however during that period of concern i raised a safe guarding complaint.

Now I bringing it to the concern of this website because a Senior Social worker has just replied with a outcome of those concerns.

One of the complaints was a tub of body butter I found in my mums bag, she been eating it and suffered from tummy upset for a week or so.


217910 Care home - residential care home

Son claims BH seen eating Body Butter in her room. He had put this in her room, had not reported his concerns to the staff and had no idea what date this was. Rooms are checked regularly for toiletries for this reason and none had been found. Approx dates entered.


At the time of the complaint I raised this with senior staff etc . The report is based on total lies. and it appears i brought the body butter into the room ?

Raising a complaint yet again will archive nothing as I have done this a number of times before ...

You can make a formal complaint against this. "Google Adult safeguarding complaint" + name of your area, to see the procedure you need to follow.