Robert's headstone

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Put a picture of Robert's headstone on my facebook page and on Robert's but i don't know how to put the photgraph on here to let everybody else see it.
I'd very much like to see that Eun.
The simplest way is to attach the photo.
Start a reply, then click the purple 'attachments' tab that appears below the text window. You can then browse to wherever you filed the photo

Hope that works
I managed to copy it from your Facebook page Eun, but I couldn't make it any larger


Trying this:


Very nice, Eun. I feel for you.
Beautiful Eun. Thinking of Rob snr today. Another milestone I imagine.
thanks Greta
Thank you for putting the photos up.
Thank you for sharing, Eun.
You chose well.
Beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us Eun. x x