Returning to work after caring

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
I have been a member of "the REAL world of CarerLand" for a considerable length of time.

I would like to know what specifically if anything has already been done by members of this forum, since the year dot, to raise general awareness of the issue of former carers struggling to get back into work. Are there any members of the forum with influence at particular levels, within media channels, within local authorities, central government, or who work, or know someone who works, for Citizens Advice? A multi-pronged approach across the country would seem a good one.
The forum is here as a carer to carer support forum. It is the role of Carers UK to campaign on our behalf.

I have always urged family carers to ensure that they are being paid for the care they provide to family members, either
The caree making a contribution from the Attendance Allowance they received (which is not intended for squirrelling away, but to cover the additional costs of disability);
from savings, especially where the caree has over £23,500 in savings (so the carer is saving the caree costs of around £1,000 a week for residentical care);
or from Direct Payments from the Local Authority, or the NHS where someone is receiving NHS Continuing Care.

I understand that money is always a difficult subject, but we all need money to live on. No parent has a right to demand free care for one of their children.
I would like to know what has been achieved to date on this matter since the year whatever... 2004 I think was the earliest year mentioned by a respondent in this thread, because it is too important an issue to let it slip by.
Suzanne have you had a look at this fact sheet from our main website ? ... employment

not sure it will help in your particular situation though as I think you/we have covered most of the options outlined.
Thank you for posting the link Susieq.... yes I have been reading through Carers UK's webpages.
The forum is here as a carer to carer support forum. It is the role of Carers UK to campaign on our behalf.
That's precisely how it should work.

From up top :
What are Carers UK’s priorities?

We regularly ask our members what issues matter most to them. We survey our membership to shape our campaign priorities, as well as helping to develop our future services.

Every few years we set a strategy, usually for 3-5 years, that guides our work into the future. Over our history our priorities have changed according to the challenges facing carers, but what has remained constant is that carers are at the heart of Carers UK, driving our work and leading us into the future.
Again , from up top :
Carers UK launches Carers Manifesto for the General Election

Carers UK is calling on all political parties to commit to:

• Ensure that carers and their families do not suffer financial hardship as a result of caring

• Ensure that there is sufficient funding so that older and disabled people get affordable care when they need it

• Ensure carers are able to juggle work and care, returning to work if they wish

• Create a more ‘Carer Friendly’ NHS

• Provide easily available information and advice to the public so everyone is better prepared for caring and can get support early to look after their own health and wellbeing.
I'd like to know about what progress has been made, as from the grumblings that have been going on for more than a decade and have been reported here... change isn't happening fast enough.
Suffice to say , I returned 7 months ago , after 7 years away.

Campaigns section threads , and posting articles and other news in the News section have been my contributions so far.

I spotted a lull and decided to try to progress a few things without clashing or interfering with the status quo as best I could. Most so far were flagged up during my CarerWatch days.

Food bank thread ? I presume no reader has used one ? And yet , 3,100+ reads in just over 6 months ... a contradition ? ... or do those numbers tell anyone else something .... ?

After all , there is only real thing that matters ... the Plight of Carers.

In that respect , it IS all hands to the pumps.
Chris From The Gulag wrote: Food bank thread ? I presume no reader has used one ? And yet , 3,100+ reads in just over 6 months ... a contradition ? ... or do those numbers tell anyone else something .... ?
Chris I'm afraid that the 'viewing' figures can be misleading ! For instance, as a Moderator I read every post that is made on the forum (one of my 'duties') to check that there are no infringements of the Community Guidelines. So every time you start a new topic or add a post I will see it and check it out - so if you make 10 posts in one topic then I will 'visit' that topic 10 times but doesn't mean that I have any particular interest in the topic itself ! The number of replies that you actually get is a far better indication of member interest/participation.
Thanks Susie ... interesting.

As for reader participation , thread was never designed for that ... purely a central refernce point for anyone to use for information ... no supporting organisation has one for food banks and yet , record numbers are using them.

So far , virtually the only one on the entire net ... which is to be expected given that the likely clients of a food bank are hardly going to have the monies to afford Internet access.

3,100+ reads ... reduced by one third ... still leaves 2,000+ ... which would confirm my initial thoughts ... and a third is probably far too generous.

Being read frequently ... I hope if the information thereon is useful.