Returning to work after caring

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Hi Chris, your last post was a good one. I wasn't sure what "Carers Probation Officer" Dragon's Den meant when I first saw it. One part of me is glad that I am not alone in my experience, another part is concerned about the magnitude of the problem.
Hello MrsAverage - thank you for your reply... however, for my profession the Return to Work programme is not free.

To attend such a programme requires:
a) relocating to another part of the country to the area surrounding the only university in the country that offers the Return to Work course (expenses involved in relocation), b) the programme fee itself which is over £1000 and c) the cost of paying all other expenses whilst living away from home for six months+.

I have already looked into all possible routes back into my profession and unfortunately I am not eligible for a "bursary" either.

Like you, I am someone who can fit into many different categories as I have a diverse professional background. One would think that would make things easier, but it doesn't. Apparently, it puts off some employers who are seeking a typical "this" or "that".
And to answer your other questions, because we hear of so many people who want to return to work after caring but cannot, or who have to take lower paid/ lower skilled / lower hours, thats why we strongly say to anyone considering giving up work to care DONT DO IT.
Hi Suzanne ... the idea is not new.

First nurtured by us on CarerWatch ... probably 2008 vintage ... amongst others that simply were never followed through by carers.

The essence of this Scheme was grass roots ... almost manor by manor ... a blueprint for any carer , or group thereof , to try to get things moving at local level ... a pilot scheme that , if successful , could be rolled out nationally.

Purely for the record , my own experience , from the Dragon's Den thread ... a thread specifically set up to promote ideas and to turn them into something that would benefit carers ... the essence of CarerWatch again :

If you go over to that thread , you will see the response so far : ... read-29191

As a former carer , an early trip into the outside world.

Nothing worse than the usual attitude of some ... my own experience when visiting the local job centre shortly after the caring ceased :

" 10 years caring for your mother. What job did you do ? Unemployed for 10 years and you come in now ? Left it a bit late , haven't you ? "

That was after being frisked by two gorillas first as the JC had problems with clients expressing a real opinion of the attitude and service received.

Just as an aside , motion was defeated narrowly for the local JC 'ere in the Worksop Gulag to be sited in the local police station despite saving monies ... in one door out another ... with a caution ? Main reason given was the police would have great difficulty of deciding just who was guilty ... the suits or the natives ?

Vacant lot next door ... food bank and magistrates court annex ... complex complete ?

Needless to say , filled out application form for JSA despite telling them I would not be eligible ( Just lost 35% of my weekly income to boot ! ) ... they still insisted , proceedures have to be followed ... 4 months later , letter asking me to call in as there was a problem with my " Claim " ... which I didn't want to claim in the first place !

Just tore it up , and surprise , surprise , heard no more.

That was 2008 .. fast forward to 2017 ... same type of response ?

2017 ?

Certainly different to CarerWatch days .... !

Another thread to explain the background as to the reasons why : ... 09#p354730

Doesn't make good reading ... par for the course in CarerLand !
It is difficult in cases where someone finds themselves looking after another helpless person full-time for more than 35hrs a week... often working/being on-call 24hrs a day/ 7days a week/ 365 days a year, as I did. There then isn't the option of working part-time as well. There aren't enough hours in the week and some people cannot be left alone whilst their carer goes out to work, nor can many afford carers to come in for several hours a day to replace their usual carer.

Back to Work schemes, in different business sectors, specifically for carers would seem like a good way forward. That would allow a) recent "work" experience, b) re-training, c) up-to-date work references and for those that need it d) improved confidence in returning to the corporate world, not to mention e) the big boost to the economy by getting those underemployed former carers, currently on benefits, off meagre state benefits and back into the workplace.
A very good observation and idea that would benefit almost every former carer.

Question to ask now is ... one for our supporting organisations to adopt ?

If any Red Light reads this , how about it ?

Another way would be to email the Voice direct ... see very top section ... and suggest that they read this thread ?
Thank you to those who have referenced earlier posts and other threads... it is a problem that SHOULD be addressed.
Agreed ... but this 2017 and not 2008.

As I have found out , the only way to progess anything in today's CarerLand is , literally , by doing it yourself.

Carers Concessionary Travel / 21 Hour Rule .... progressing nicely.

I rejoined some 7 months ago.

Anything else by anyone else ?

The only way to try improving / changing anything is by trying to do something about it.

Apathy will be the death knell of carers.
I'm already making waves locally via my MP and local councillors to raise awareness of the issue. The more people who contact their local representatives in this way the better. It is something I certainly feel very strongly about and have for some time.

I for one, and I would love to know other people's views, felt during my time as a full-time carer that there wasn't really any tangible support available anywhere, except that there were websites telling me that I was likely entitled to c.£62 per week Carer's Allowance and that there were some "support" groups I could attend.

I did attend one support group only to find that the other carers there had entirely different situations to me and free discussion amongst the carers wasn't encouraged as the "facilitators" wanted to do most of the talking!
Welcome to the REAL world known as CarerLand !

Suits ? They have their uses ... occasionly.

In CarerLand , the only ones knowing what's going on and what is needed are carers themselves , and the occasional former carer , like myself , who drops in occasionly to see how his old ship mates are getting on.

In my case ... 7 months ... already feels that I have over stayed my ( non ) welcome ?

NHS Choices has some guidance for former carers : ... carer.aspx

A Google search .... assisting former carers back into work ... will reveal many more links.

On the former carer front , my advice would be to put together a " Blueprint " on the basis of information already supplied in this Thread , and take it to your LA.

My working knowledge of how LAs operate is now close to a decade out of date.

If need be , bounce it off your CAB or even local branch of Trussells , fast becoming the Swiss army knife in the social care sector. Probably be a classic case of not being able to help directly but will know someone who can.

Nothing ventured , nothing gained ?