Returning to work after caring

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Our " Lord Kitch " updated to include this issue ... apologies for the delay ... mind occasionally several weeks behind the rest of me ... " Your honour " ... ?
And , when your caring days are ended , don't expect us to provide a " Former Carers Welfare Officer " to help you adjust to life on the outside. We only provide that service to prisoners !
Once the caring has ended . JSA is not automatic when signing on at the local job centre ... added to Lord Kitch :
If you sign on at your local job centre for JSA , we will not take into account Carers Allowance as contributions , we will only pay you JSA if your income is below the financial limit currently in operation. Sorry , but caring is disallowed for automatic JSA. So , if he cannot afford to lose £ 62.50 per week when your caring end , get a job like everyone else.