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Update from a while ago - Carers UK Forum

Update from a while ago

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Hello everyone.
It's been a while since I made an entry on here so I hope you remember me. I had been my Mum's carer for four years and have had some great advice, all taken and mostly successful. Thank you all for you contributions. Mum went into a home in July last year in Beckenham, Kent, leaving me up the creek without a paddle really, as I was only living with Mum whilst she was there. When she left, I was given my marching orders. I was given a month to find somewhere, but alas I didn't, so the very nice man at the Housing Association gave me a temporary contract instead of the tenancy and did my search for me. My months notice stretched to October 22nd, when my housing manager made me an offer of a studio flat in Penge, SE London. I was chauffered the eight miles there and back, and as it was only a mile away from where Mum now lives, I accepted it. That was not the end of my good fortune either. The Housing Manager arranged and funded my move without me lifting a finger or paying a penny. Some of you may remember the problems I was having getting services for Mum and lots of other things that I have forgotten, but I am now settled in my flat, still unemployed, but it shows to never give up hope. You really don't know what is around the corner. Good luck everyone. Take care, Brian
Pleased to see that you have had some support,and it sounds as though you are able to see your Mum regularly. Sounds as though your fortunes are changing.
It's lovely to hear your good news. Thank you for updating us.
Thanks for keeping us posted Brian. Good luck

Thanks for the news. How has your "Dolly Daydream" taken to her new situation?
That is lovely to hear Brian Image
so pleased for you and how well it has all come out in the end
So pleased you have found a new convenient home for yourself.

There are a few good folks out there willing to go the extra mile for those in genuine need.

Good luck,

Take care