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Re: Newly diagnosed

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Thanks, Ian. There were a load of answers when I raised the query 3 months ago, I just can't find my thread to it! Still, I find it confusing. I religiously followed my 'diet' sheet for a few weeks after being given it at the time, but right now, I'm not going for 1/2 hour walks every day (as GP suggested), or line dancing at the moment (or swimming come to that).
I do potter up and down the caravan steps and walk round the yard etc, but the 'diet' sheet has lapsed somewhat.
I'm not exactly a 'large' lady and sticking to this 'diet' good eating sheet, is just making me lose weight too much (apart from being a tad boring).
There should be a Falls Prevention programme in your area where you can do Chair based exercises until you are a little stronger.It may be under 'ACTIVE and the County name. I take a class every week in Derbyshire and people progress to standing up and we do action to music and songs and it really works.
Once you are a little stronger, they say skipping is good, but with every thing it is a little at a time. Tai Chi is another option but it should be Gigong type, not too martial art based.Walking for 20 mins every day is a good start,too. Swimming is good exercise but you need weight bearing to strength your bones.
Hope all goes well.
susieq wrote:
Wed Jul 15, 2015 6:05 pm
Yes, cheese and nuts are high in fat - but it's all about quantity really !

Smaller portions of full fat cheeses, or bigger portions of the low-fat varieties. However nuts contain 'good' fats and are also a valuable source of protein. For instance walnuts have been proven to have a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels :) they also contain serotonin (natural feel good chemical) as do almonds. I don't snack on chocolate now but have a small handful of nuts instead (or popcorn - salted or sweet 'n salted varieties, a 17gr portion has less than 100 calories and is very low in fat).

Since changing my whole diet I no longer count calories at all - no sugars (refined or natural - anything on the label ending in ...ose means the food contains sugar), no carbs and relatively low fat is keeping my weight stable and my blood sugars under control.
Dear Susie, thanks a lot, your comments are full of useful info and kindness!
The original poster, NanaNana, was newly diagnosed in 2014 and lasted posted on this thread in 2015. I am therefore locking this thread.