Re: Newly diagnosed

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Thanks, Ian. There were a load of answers when I raised the query 3 months ago, I just can't find my thread to it! Still, I find it confusing. I religiously followed my 'diet' sheet for a few weeks after being given it at the time, but right now, I'm not going for 1/2 hour walks every day (as GP suggested), or line dancing at the moment (or swimming come to that).
I do potter up and down the caravan steps and walk round the yard etc, but the 'diet' sheet has lapsed somewhat.
I'm not exactly a 'large' lady and sticking to this 'diet' good eating sheet, is just making me lose weight too much (apart from being a tad boring).
There should be a Falls Prevention programme in your area where you can do Chair based exercises until you are a little stronger.It may be under 'ACTIVE and the County name. I take a class every week in Derbyshire and people progress to standing up and we do action to music and songs and it really works.
Once you are a little stronger, they say skipping is good, but with every thing it is a little at a time. Tai Chi is another option but it should be Gigong type, not too martial art based.Walking for 20 mins every day is a good start,too. Swimming is good exercise but you need weight bearing to strength your bones.
Hope all goes well.