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Re: Newly diagnosed

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Hello Guys,
It's Fran here, long time no speak, I know. Cut a long story short, in July, I fell from standing position onto my bum, broke my thigh bone 2 inches below my hip and am now just getting used to walking without crutches. Now, after a bone density scan in September, I have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis and am now taking the once-weekly drug Allendronic acid.
I feel so down about this, have got my life back together after losing Mark (nearly 2 years now), have a new home and a lovely life with long standing friend since 'finding each other' and things were going great. I've even started to learn how to swim, only had 1 lesson so far though.
Now this.
Has anyone got any advice? The specialist at the Orthopaedic hospital (where the spinal unit is - totally ironic isn't it?) said to drink at least a pint of milk a day. New studies on the news say that doing that won't help and could actually shorten lifespans......... What the hell??? I have a healthy diet, fresh veg and yoghurt and cheese anyway, so I'm confused about it all.
All very new and sorry to lumber, but I don't know anyone apart from my mum, who has this. And she's so philosophical about it all, she doesn't really help me much.
Hope this finds you and your loved ones as all right as things allow. xxx
Helloooooooo Fran, good to see you posting, reasons for posting not so good. I've no advice, might be worth googling the advice you've been given. Loves n hugs from me. x x
Hello Fran :D

So happy to see you posting again :D :D

Mum had osteoporosis and also took Fosamax (allendronic acid) - it does work ! Mum's bone mass increased considerably and stabilised - think it took a couple of years altogether. The only downside was the way you have to take it - empty stomach, full glass of water and stay upright for half an hour after ! There are other formulations (like a nasal spray) which are easier to use and I seem to remember that there is version that you take once a month rather than once a week.

Calcium tablets (with Vit D to aid absorption) will also help; as will plenty of oily fish like salmon or tinned sardines and dark green leafy veg also contain calcium. Weight bearing exercise - like walking or dancing will also help to increase bone mass and strengthen the muscles that support your bones. Swimming is good aerobic exercise but won't do anything for the osteoporosis.

Because Mum had osteoporosis both my sister and I have regular bone density scans - there is definitely a genetic link ! So far both of us are clear although we both have osteoarthritis to one degree or another.

Don't let your diagnosis get you down - it is completely treatable and completely manageable :)

Lots of useful information here on the National Osteoporosis Society website
Hi Fran, sorry to hear about the diagnosis, and the fall. Having had two knee replacements, I know that the 3 month stage, which is roughly where you are now, is hugely frustrating. However, just KEEP DOING THE EXERCISES. Make absolutely certain that you are doing exactly what you should be doing - if you can possibly afford it, treat yourself to a few sessions with a private physiotherapist to bully you back to 100% again. It's three years since my second knee operation, and I've just got better and better and better - after two holidays in Crete this year, with lots of walking in the first, and lots of swimming in the second, I can honestly say that even now my ability is still increasing. Most people would be content with walking about 5 miles a day at 62! Equally, don't do too much, and force things, just a bit more every day is fine. When your body is tired, rest. Your body may still be recovering from your extreme caring for so long, so be very kind to yourself. Best wishes.
Am I right in thinking that the best exercises to do to prevent or limit osteoporosis are resistance exercises, where you use weights - either machines and 'dumb-bells' or the weight of your own body (eg, press ups)(don't panic, you can do them from your knees - loads easier!) - to strengthen your bones - I believe that it builds bone mass???

I think the thing about taking 'extra' calcium is whether it's actually getting into the bones themselves??? But research changes all the time, it seems, and surely drinking milk can't do any harm????

You should try rebounding. It was developed by NASA to help astronauts regain bone and muscle density after they’d been on space stations as zero gravity knackers your bone and muscle mass. Rebounding was found to be more effective than anything for restoring bone density.
A friend of mine down in London had one and swore by it. It’s good fun too! A good rebounder costs about £70

Here’s a link about rebounding and some of the benefits.

hiya nana!!!
its okay!
don't panic!
join the club,
i was told a couple of months after mr bb died i had it!
then found out 2 of my best and most physically active friends have it!
i'm on the acid too!
also calcium and vit d pills!
in solidarity
big bear x :)
Hey Friends, Thank you for your advice (or lack of it no. 1!!! joke). It's sinking in now and I AM - yes really - thinking about what I do and am leaving a lot of things which I can't do. I am thinking of re-starting line dancing after Christmas, just to see how I go, obviously taking it slower and moving differently for a while.
Went to watch WRC Rally and the Welsh Rally at weekend and stood up all day and walked a fair way to the spectators viewing area. I do a lot of walking, nothing's changed there.
I don't mind standing up for 1/2 hour after taking my tablet, I just leave the Sunday evening washing up and do it on a Monday morning, after taking it, thus making myself stand at the sink. Good excuse NOT to do it the evening before AND makes me drink a pint of water, so it's all good.
Bowling - what you said about my extreme caring for 12 years and my body recovering from that. Whoa, hadn't even crossed my mind. Still finding it strange not having to do that any more.
My 'friend' bought me some flowers on 8th and little son coloured me picture of flowers and butterflies. I, in turn, took some flowers from my bouquet and placed them near 'friend's' dad's shed, cos he died on the same date, although, some years before OH.
Strawberry milkshake, banana milkshake, yoghurts of all types and flavours, huge blocks of cheese, cabbage, cauliflower and good old plain milk.
If anyone would like anything, my fridge is always full of it these days.

(still waiting for my bursitis lump to be looked at)
(wishing that NHS would prescribe more than 4 week's worth of tablets at a time, ie 4 tablets)
My 'lump' is a result of the 'T' shaped piece at the top of the nail by my hip, rubbing on tissue and iritating it. Surgeon said leave it another year, till bone has completely healed and then the hospital will have me in overnight and remove all the metalwork. We were assured that the tissue wouldn't sustain any damage for another year's worth of rubbing and iritation. Hmmm. The 'T' piece doesn't lie horizontally across the nail down my leg, but sits at an angle to follow the hipbone.
Oh well, I guess it'll be fixed at some point.