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Re: Moving forward

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
So pleased for you Image Image
Friday, dropped trailer and engines on rally field. Hmmmm, they WERE all intrigued when I got out of the pick-up and helped unload Ian's 2 engines. Hmmmm, interesting!
Saturday pm off to tractor pull with son and nephew ...... and picnic tea. Fantastic evening, only one engine blew up, bits all over the track (nobody hurt though), walked round the pits at half ten, Ian and nephew looking at the pulling tractors and son and I disappeared to look at the ....... lorries (of course). The others thought it very amusing!
Got home at 2am, with a couple of passed out boys in the back seat.
Sunday up early for rally, again, oooohhhh, Fran's sitting with Ian ..... ooooohh, er, Fran and Ian?????? Er, Ian and Fran????????? ....... are they 'together'??????? Hmmmmmmm oooh. We were in hysterics at times, but carried on as usual regardless. Lots of looks.
Monday, oh my god, where's Fran been overnight (left boys in caravan shower and I went to unsheet engines, see?). Noooooo? Hmmm, oooohhhh.
Carried on regardless and instead of 'lots of looks', everyone started coming up and TALKING to us and saying how nice it was to see us together. yay!
Felt priveledged to tow trailer and engines back to his place, and that he trusted me with them all.
Mark's cousin and her grand daughter, bordering on Autistic, came to stay on Tuesday till today, so Ian and Tom came over for dinner Tuesday evening. Tom and Charlotte got on like a house on fire and Tom wanted to stay here with us, while Ian was at work on Wednesday. Yeah, fine, no problem, so he did and we went out and had fun, meaning that Ian had to come back here for his dinner last night too. Was nice for him to meet Mark's cousin (with whom I am very close) and be part of our mad house at home. Kids ended up making a den in the dining room with chairs, duvets, pillows and cushions and clothes pegs and had their tea in there.
Wonderful wonderful times.
Thats magic fantastic news Fran. Really really pleased for you both! xxxx
Thanks, D.
I love hearing your news, but you keep making me cry cos I'm so happy for you Image
What a wonderful week you have all had, so so pleased for you xx
How lovely Nana. x x
Happy memories ...............the start of a new chapter in your life.xx