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Re: Moving forward

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Waheyyyyy!!! Great news NanaNana, but then you did let me in on it didn't you.
I've been bursting to tell, but discretions my middle name.
Have fun at the show this weekend and dont miss out on all the fun, never mind the hotel.
Looked at Onslow park tractor rally and loved it all, but especially the stationary engines like you and Mark had.

So happy for you both! Pete x

If you look at this YouTube video (1000 Engine Rally 2011 Engines, by LarrapMan)
at the time point 3.10 minutes, you will see OUR 1.5hp single flywheel New Holland engine running. My tool bucket behind it by our chairs! This was the engine I was going to keep, but I can 'adopt' one of my 'friend's ' smaller engines, he says. He normally takes the big ones on lorries.
What a lovely looking engine Fran. Who did all that expert lining and signwriting on it?
There are some that look terrible, no effort whatsoever made on the cosmetic front, but they still work!
I see you have to dig holes in the turf to stop them from running away.
Strange hobby some might think, but good to see our heritage being looked after.
Fran I am chuffed to little mintballs for you, your a lovely lady and deserve some happiness.....just one thing does he like Stobarts lol x
Oh Nilla, not really liking Stobarts himself, but .............. Thomas does!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! I said to Rin that we're going to both drive him nutty when we're in the car together!!!!!

By the way, they've persuaded me to go up to Gt. Eccleston for the tractor pulling tonight. He's taking caravan to field now and we're meeting this afternoon to get up there before the event starts. Hopefully this rain will stop and the meeting will go ahead, we've not really got a Plan B. Cancelled my hotel completely now.
Then back home late tonight, to make early start for steam rally on Sun morning. After rally, I shall tow the trailer with the 2 engines back and Ian'll take the caravan all back to his place. Well, I've got the tow bar on the back of the car, used to tow the other trailer didn't I? His is just lower and longer that's all, no real difference. Saves 2 trips, pity we didn't think about that yesterday, but never mind.

Looking forward to an interesting weekend hopefully. Totally manic, but fun.

The signwriting and lining is done at the manufacturing stage (all the New Holland are like that). Different lining depending on the guy who was doing it at the time, in the factory!!!! It was a ruse by NH, to increase the purchase price, even back in the 1920's they were thinking of ways to dupe people! The trolleys are the same, different nos. for differing sizes of trolleys. Some of the large engines in America, have carts complete with front pieces, so that horses can be harnassed up to them, to pull them from the farmyard out into the fields. Fantastic looking things and huge. Even though ours was only what I'd call 'medium' size, it's still only 1.5hp. Sometimes you have to dig holes, not to stop the engines running away, but to level them out, for fuel suction purposes and to stop the water in the hopper slopping all over the place, water and magnetos don't go together very well! New Holland's are American engines really, we imported this one, came on a ship to Liverpool, we collected it from the docks and then unloaded the crate from the trailer back home, with the engine hoist and then I just jemmied open the crate. American engines are usually more pretty to look at than English ones, which are generally just uninteresting lumps of cast iron on wheels. Nicer with open crank engines (no crank guard over the piston and moving parts), nice to see the workings inside and moving piston pushing the flywheels round.
Sorry for prattling on!
You are not prattling Nana, I think its lovely to hear and you sound really happy in your posts so that's a great thing to hear too. Have a fab weekend xx
Your not prattling on at all, I asked!
Great news that your going to be at the tractor pulling. I nearly said cancel the hotel, but thought you will know best on that score. Have fun you two and let us know how it all goes Fran xx Image
Hello Nana,
haven't been on the forum for a while but I just had a look and saw your news - I'm so pleased for you. It all sounds so positive, just wanted to wish you all happiness for the future.
love, Lesley xx
Thank you for sharing your lovely news with us. I hope everything works out for you all and you have a lovely extended family around you always. I am sure Mark would approve of all the decisions you have made, any you have started your new relationship the right way....friendship first.xx