Re: Here we go again....

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Helloos all.
Had op Thursday late afternoon to remove the pin down my leg and associated plates and screws. Came home yesterday and sooooo sore and painful to move and now swollen. On 2 crutches again even to cross a room, but at least I can walk on two legs which is more than I could last year. And boyfriend has to drive slower, as I can't cope with the bumps in roads, plus I get tea cooked for me at the moment and my left hand sock put on, which I can't bend down to do. And my leg lifted into bed, which I can't do either.
Gawden bennett, ha ha.
Hope the swelling and soreness go down quickly Fran - but make the most of being 'looked after' while you can :)
Thanks, Susie. Bruising coming out today, looks good at the top of my leg by my thigh!!!!!!
PennyDawg keeps laying alongside my good leg, like she did before, as if she remembers from last year. And she's taken to walking slowly in front of me, instead of running ahead in a 'let's GOOOOOO, Fran' type of mode.

How are you keeping these days?
Not too bad thanks Fran - slowly getting there :) Starting Cardio Rehab exercise classes in the New Year and have my assessment with the physios next week providing nothing else raises it's ugly head before then. As I said on Roll Call the other day it seems like one thing after another lately :shock:

(A few weeks back after my op I could probably have matched you bruise for bruise :o thankfully all faded away now :) )