pros and cons of bereavement counselling!advice needed!

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
hello everyone who has been with me on this little thread!
i am now at the end of my sessions with simone!
it has been life changing!
at the start i wouldnt really have kicked up a fuss if someone said i wasnt going to be here tomorrow
now its like my therapist has planted a little seed or bulb in my heart which has grown and come into bud and is now flowering!
my grief has become a much richer experience
and seems to be leading somewhere!
even if i'm dont know where! :)
but i'm waking up feeling happy for the first time since mr bigbear was alive!
with my little flower in my heart !
when i think of mr bigbear!
love and thanks for all your support along this journey!
and good luck to jenny bb juggler and all you lovely people
you know who you are!!!!
love and hugs and smilers and respect
bigbear x :whistle:
bigbear, I wasn't here at the beginning of this, but I love your posts and I wish you good times.
dear greta!
:) thank you , thats so nice of you to say!
hope alls well with you
love and smiles, bigbear x