Post carer and getting back to work.

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Thanks all for replies
yes I got a job in care almost immediately. .unsurprisingly. ..but was findi g myself driving home tears running down my face...just too soon and too close to home so I had to stop.
cleaning. .yes I'm not proud..myself and a friend went round different neighbourhoods..advertising ourselves for both gardening and cleaning. .gave out 2000 leaflets. .nothing
I feel very bitter that the government must have saved a fortune by using me as a carer for 62.10 a week and now just chucked me on the scrapheap and more or less told to get on with it.
I've spent all winter with no heating cos im afraid of the cost , I've been freezing.
My friend, a social worker has seen many people in the same situation and says there should be a special pension for such a situation. ..after all, what happens to the deceaseds penion anyway? It should be part of their estate for those who cared full time and gave up jobs.
I think this is a very valid point.
Thats a good idea
I will look into it...I'd have to put all my doors back on though..had them removed for wheelchair!
Well Melanie , you , me and a few million other former carers have shared the same experience.

Nobody cares ... even when we care ... and the only real support we got was from the usual source ... our supporting organisations' orchestra ... a violin concerto ... to " help " us move from one world to another.
Sorry to hear about your father. This is a situation lurking around the corner for many of us, you can be a carer they are in great demand
you can be a carer they are in great demand
Some what ironic given the Law protecting all care workers as opposed to carers.

Despite numberous adverse reports , one former carer would need a 50 foot steep ladder to enjoy the same " Rights " ... even under Alf and Eddy ( Health and Safety ) when lifting a person.

And , in our world , there would be no one holding that step ladder.

Can a carer make a call for a second person to help lift their caree under Alf and Eddy to avoid breaching the Law ?

Same pay for 8 hours as some readers receive for 80 hours+ ?

Holiday pay ? As a care worker , they actually pay you when you don't work.

Think of how much it costs many carers to pay THEM for time not worked ... sorry , carrying out our caring dutues ... carrying is not work , is it ? Silly mistake to make ?

3 hours a month ? That's one week's Carers Pittance please. If you a few minutes late back , eats into another week's Carers Pittance.

Funny old world ?

Not for carers , it ain't !